little wisdom here

On matters of a cheating or disrespectful wife and by how you gauge, you see that you cannot put up with the situation …

when given a choice of violence by male chauvinistic pride and push comes to shove pack your bag and leave your premises… go rent elsewhere very far away afteral you hustled to get them properties and you can still hustle again …
Achia yeye watoto after confirmed dna tests and regularly send them enough cash for their upkeep.

no cuuunt is worth doing time on murder escapades.

You know it is written somewhere in the manosphere that the most primeval Alpha males in the US are in prisons? Not even in their army.

This is good little wisdom. The kids part though

That’s why I’m neither Alpha nor Beta, I don’t lead nor do I follow.
Pick good advice whenever you find it

Wewe ni Omega male

Nilisoma Kuna hadi Sigma, my friend zile ideology ziko kwa net