Lithuania haitaki upuzi. Putin to invade anytime


Huyu Putin atafanyiwa ile kitu

Mlishakubali Ukraine imeenda, sasa mumeanza propaganda ingine :D:D:D

Waguze NATO member waone moshi

Putin isn’t a weak, bonobo president. Wakimwaga mboga Russia inamwaga ugali. More US presidents wamefanyiwa “ile kitu” than Soviet/Russian leaders.

Russia is not Libya or Eye-Rack. The West can’t afford to directly go after their leader like that with no concern for the fallout. I believe their strategy is death by a million cuts.

Long live Putin, Kim Jong, Maduro, Assad, Ayatollah

Kharkiv imenyambana:D:D

Wapi Mo1 na Idi Amin kwa hii list?

Kaliningrad cut off.
People are panic buying


.Four U.S. presidents have been murdered while in office – all were brought down by gunfire. [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]And each of these presidential assassinations helped usher in a wave of important reforms and a new political era. Abraham Lincoln’s assassination dramatically changed the Reconstruction

Way to go

Mnyambo wa punda. Two months ago si mlituwekea pia panic buying ya Moscow? CNN-sponsored “economist” and rabid Russophobe Anders Aslund claimed Russia will witness at least 50% inflation this year :D:D:D:D. In actual sense, the most sanctioned country on earth will only suffer 14% inflation in 2022, na msito Putin amesema itakua lower. Meanwhile, western countries are experiencing 40 year inflationary highs. Aren’t you guys ashamed of always looking like fools?

The only reason those Russians in Kaliningrad are “panic buying” is because it will take a few months to introduce additional ships to deliver what they need from Russia, not because Lithuania’s decision has any significant economic impact.

Lithuania na Latvia wakona sizeable russian population Russia wakiamua kuincite Russians wa Huko tujoin them kutaendaje?

Phone snatcher mambo ya geopolitics wachana nayo. Its not your forte. Kaa kwa lane yako.

Russia can invade Lithuania and NATO won’t do shit. If this Ukraine invasion has caused the oil and food crisis, imagine what full-blown crisis will start if NATO and Russia start a direct war.

Mwisi uko ni vita buana sio hio ligi yako ndogo ya ku pickpocket.

I pity the soldiers who have to suffer in these pointless wars

malisa hio brukhenge kabisa