Listening to Lawyers on Murica elections.

They agree that things aren’t going right mostly in Pennsylvania and Georgia, but it will be an uphill task for Trump to get the results he wants from the Courts.

They agree that there is fraud happening but they just can’t prove it in court? How sad for them

The judges have to declare themselves to prevent a similar occurence in future.

@Guy004 @Kahuni Maisha

Are you fuckin stupid??? Georgia is a republican state run by a republican governor and they have all rejected the notion of vote fraud. Even the judge who rejected the fraud case was republican.



Thank you for clarifying for them their absurdity… :D:D


“STOP THE COUNT!” tweeted the desperate, deceitful, dastardly demagogue who currently occupies the White House. He said this as elections officials diligently tallied votes legally cast and received and by the hour and day his margin shrunk in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Mail-in votes are the last to be counted, in part because Republicans refused to let states do any advance processing, and they skew heavily Democratic in these states. So Trump’s leads are diminishing.

Meantime, Trump and his minions demand that vote counts continue or even accelerate in Arizona and Nevada, states where he’s behind and Joe Biden’s margin could shrink.

Either he doesn’t realize or he doesn’t care that one primal scream refutes the other. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where are the RepubliRats in Ktalk? Akina @T.Vercetti who were giving us sleepless nights here last few weeks eti vile Drumpf atashida saa mbili asubuhi.

Trump is firing from all directions. Hoping for a miracle.

It’s a coup alright. I’m so sad right now seeing a country that I loved go down the drain.

The Chinese Communists have gotten what they were always after, exactly as they had envisioned in their grand masterplan.

Now they will have their Biden in the WH and run roughshod over all of us. They will devalue our currency, dump their toxic junk on our shores and eventually put us on permanent lockdown by causing one pandemic after the next.

Malizia…‘and they will introduce communism’.
How all this will happen while you have Senate and all apparatus for check and balance?

Mafala wa uncle wana ujinga to no end…kimeibiwo sasa lol…huyu fala tunamtoa teke teke hivi karibuni…tunamuevict kama burukenge…nitapost verified eviction mbisha’s soon…time ya kujipanga sasa…mabonobo wake Klist wamtaftie bedsitter kawangware…Niliblock kama wote lol…washenzi wamesumbua 2020 yote…ati anko dump tsk…inanikumbusha vile tulitoa Moi kiburukenge…hehe

Naenjoy kabeer kamine nikiona maandamano kimeibiwa strategies on fox news…so enjoyable…meanwhile ni kujipanga sasa now that shetani imeshidwo…kunukisha lazima for next 4 God bless

Sasa wajinga wote wa anko nitawatoa block now that mumetahirishwa…mikundu ya trump sasa ninaweza enjoy umeffi yenu ya trump…maubwa hehe

If he doesent leave, the office will leave him. It happened before:

this script looks familiar.
wonder where I’ve seen it before
to America, this is Karma from all those countries you’ve brought down.

but am sure all that your saying won’t happen. Biden might make America Great again. (to bad for all those small countries that had enjoyed peace for the 4 years)

There’s no maga with those two clowns. America is doomed with Biden/Harris. It was always doomed but now the destruction will really accelerate. We were lucky to have those 4 years of Trump, twas a divine favor/gift from God but that brief honeymoon is over. The fact is that the globalists have instigated 4 illegal coups against the President these past few years starting with Russiagate, Ukraine, impeachment, launching covid as a bio-weapon. Nothing worked so this election was the final straw for them. I’m afraid if he keeps fighting the deep state will be more than happy to ‘take him out’ if you know what I mean. So there you have it. Please let us put our sights on heaven and Jesus Christ. The end is closer than we think.