Those of you opposed to Lady Justice Mwilu, Wako is in BBI team, Mwilu is going nowhere.

Joho Bag-a-wire was in the US and sold his brothers the Akashas , Akashas wealth will be distributed between CIA assets in Kenya and a few companions of the ruling elite. Joho and Mwau bought their freedom long time ago.

DP Ruto knows what he is doing. Those of you opposed to him will be disappointed, just like some politicians opposed Raila, only for him to become the second wife.

" that man you are despising can easily become your mothers boyfriend"

Matiangi ni mtu wa mkono, just like Nelson Marwa and Magoha. They are like Luos, Bora wako na title kubwa na gazeti na thermos ya chai, baas! Matiang’i is very far from being a lord of the land. So don’t mention matiang’i or kivutha or Aukot in a gathering of men, watu watakuona mjinga

Good analysis but too many improbable assumptions.