Listen to this guy. Went to Quiver last Friday and I can confirm DJ Joe Mfalme is overrated

I also don’t like his mixes, he plays a jam for 30 seconds max, hook inaanza kuingia jamaa ameshaitoa. Then all club DJ’s play the same songs, sometimes in the same sequence. Small clubs n bars just buy their mixes in CBD for 100-200, Kwa flash, wanacheza non stop mpaka morning


I thought the same too…the difference btwn a local DJ and a DJ in the major clubs ni fame na followers…otherwise sometimes hao ma underground DJ play better music…kwanza Reggae music they play the same shit over and over while reggad music is wide…i can do a better playlist than the hyped Moh spice


So true. One Dj anatoa a fire mix, then the rest just copy the sequence. Time ya miondoko ilikuwa dj akiplay Go pato unajua next song ni moonlight lover followed by waiting for your love, then ile song ya mighty king Kong. Or ukisikia Last Last ya burnaboy next ni Rush, Bandana, No Wahala, then Ruger’s Girlfriend mtengeneze Sgr


Manze they like playing music that everyone wants to chant to. Afu muziki inaenda spidi, kabla track ifikie climax imetolewa, next ishaingia ni kma mix iko on fast forward and alot of noise within the mix. BS galore.

Kuna ma deejay hukua chini ya maji hu rock mbaya lakini bigwigs kina Mfalme wameunda kartel yenye new player haezi infiltrate.

Pia kuna niche ya ma customers wao that relate with their mixes.
As an olskooler, Dj. Adrian is my certified mixer.

If i really want basic mixes neza relate nazo na new music etc, our very own demakufu @touchlyrics , Dj. Lyta etc


Kuna kaukweli. I have a local pub, mimi hudownload mixes nachezea customers. Bad thing is ziko almost same.


I wonder why reggae clubs don’t play dub music…there is so much reggae genre that has not been tapped…wasee wanacheza the same same shit over and over. I stream mixcloud kuna Dub section… some really heavy reggae music wasee hata sijawai sikia.


Kweli ni January. Elders tulieni, ndio tunaingia upper January….bado wiki mbili iishe.

“When people start complaining about DJs, they are broke, and they term clubbing a vice” Epoch.
Ni vile pesa ya pombe na milaya inapiga watu wengi chenga lakini we will be back to default setting in the first week of Feb.

I like it when the DJs play the Furaha remix with Harmonize. Halafu ifuatwe na Subaru ya mambaru.


Nowdays i listen to Dub reggae music…SKA reggae pia…nishachoka na local reggae playlists…kuna reggae noma sana huku nje… kwanza hao pod casters wazungu wa UK hucheza ngoma tamu sana akina Ras Kayleb akina Doggiestone and Selector Ed


After Subaru ya Mambaru watupeleke na mutaratara ya Kaveve kazoze


@epoch tulia si njaa inatuvuruga.
There was this Competition That was being powered by Airtel Trace Music Star some times back where a top DJ was to be picked. It is said that Mfalme was accused to be playing international music as opposed to local bana. The guy came out as an inconsiderate mofo that can’t support their very own.

When Naija Dj was performing ilibidi kina mfalme wasake book na kartasi wasome.

It was a gross embarrassment bana.

Checkout umojasoundsystem pale The Mall Westlands they are doing a good job promoting Dub sessions