List Of Scandals Of Each Big Fish. Raila, Uhuru, Ruto. We Need Political Freshers in 2022

All of them are thieves

Ruto (Total value of known scandals 33 Billion)
-KAA Land grab aka Weston
-2009 Maize scandal
-Kenya Pipeline Land Scandal in Ngong forest
-Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Scandal

Raila (Total value of known scandals 45 Billion)
-Sale of Kisumu Molasses plant to Canadian firm - Odinga family received 500 Million to relinquish ownership.
-300 million paid by Libyan oil fraudsters during 2002 NARC campaigns
-Kazi kwa Vijana by USAID funding. Raila stole over 300Million. Over 1 million youth affected
-Triton Scandal Oil used businessman Yagnesh Devani & Kenya Pipeline Company ending in 7.6B stolen
-Grabbbed Opondo Farm - piece of land in Bondo “earmarked” for building an airstrip.

Uhuru/Kenyatta Family (Total value of known scandals 379 Billion)
Gatheca Muhoho NYS 1 Diesel Scandal 75 Million lost
Nyokabi Kenyatta Muthama, Kenya Medical Supplies Authority Ksh 270 Million lost
Mama Ngina Kenyatta Ivory business in the late 1970s

You mean a fresher like Matiang’i ama namna gani my fren?

A dictator far rithless than Id Amin, one that will line up these crooks and have them shot dead at Uhuru Park in front of the crowds.

You’ve seen some mercy on us and truncated Rutos CV. Admin thanks you for saving server space.

Completing the list is ‘tarketing our gommunity’

Hapo kwa ivory,you have embellished the facts just a lilo bit

Read about illegal ivory trade of the 70s through the JKIA

What I am trying to tell you is that the trade started wayyyyyy back. Not just in the 70s. I got my facts right.

The Muigais have moved on from petty theft that involves getting hands dirty. The Kenyattas have not poached in decades. Sasa wako na CBA, Brookside etc. The only theft that makes sense when you have a billion dollars in assets is getting something like billion shilling kickbacks from foreign states and corporations looking to do business with GoK or getting parliament to pass budgets that direct money to your enterprise you are a monopoly. The Kenyattas are not poaching anymore.

Before the 70’s poaching was not illegal

Si nawaambianga hio yote ni wezi

Mharo. Kazi kwa vijana issue was clarified by the World Bank, there was no theft. You really need to do some research on stuff you post.

Egg allover your face: you have no factual scandal that can be linked to Eng. Amolo. Regurgitating lame and tired political propaganda lines from amateur mouthpieces will never make him scandalous, neither will it yield enough charges to crucify him on the left hand side of the High priest of graft before 2022. Baba ni mweupe kama @pamba