List of Kenyan Millionares suspected to be Hiding Money


Wacha tungoje law suits.

Shiny eye alihepa na za Nyachae…

Manze nimeona jina langu hapo, what criteria did these ferkers use?

Raila ako hapo???

Am also hiding fifty bob in my bedroom.

Is Konyagi there?

Where are the famed ktalk billionaires?? Their businesses cannot be legit.

I’m disappointed that I am not in it

Grace Nyachae tulia hakuna mtu atakukujia

how the fuck are we suppose to know who the fuck these people are Do you know how many people share these names in Kenya?

son of konyagi is missing …

At least Waititi is clean on this one. His was in the daughter’s account :D:D:D:D

this is just a list of politicians and prominent businessmen. Stupid Journalism!!

Hii inakaa zile gazeti za 10bob, unapewa sneak preview kwanza na kasmall phamphlet. Ziliendanga wapi by the way?

How many times can you con people?

They were more of entertainment, not informative.

Ongezea hapo life seen. Those guys must have been millionaires then.

Seen, scene etc were the bomb! They were however phased out by vcd ngwati.

Raila ni msafi kama pamba. Lakini bibi yuko kwa list [SIZE=1]No. 185[/SIZE]. Yeye ndie anamfichia.

Swali tu…if they know who is holding money at home, why have they not raided the houses?


his own imagination.