List of Clubs that have closed in Nairobi

  1. Kiza Lounge
  2. Club Tribeka
  3. Rafikiz club
  4. Club Natives
  5. Club Zodiac
  6. Club Fahrenheit
  7. B Concept
  8. Space Lounge and Grill
  9. Explorer Tavern
    Add any that have left out!

Lets all get saved

Most clubs wako na perception that more women will bring more men who will spend. but in most scenarios these women mchele men and steal alafu men avoid the club then drop of revenue.

I fully agree with you! They should restrict these idle girls and we will drink in peace

Another one in Ridgeways can’t remember the name

Ongeza Natives, Nectar, Mist

Another one in Ridgeways can’t remember the name

But why are clubs in the outskirts doing so well ? Mpaka getting parking space is a problem .

Hazina mchele, No alcoblow and they are nearby to the hood. Mimi niliwacha kukunywa tao juu ya alcoblow and story ya kulipa drinks na cash upfront

been in Nairobi since 2002 yet have never been to any of these clubs…not clubbed last 10yrs or so… How different are they from my kawaida local? how is the sound system and ambience…and women? club dimples, f2 and vybstar used to have great sound systems back in the day…we used to club F2, Ibiza, tacos, buzzbar, k1&k2 and it was great fun…there was no mchele lakini kifungu bado tulikua tunaficha kwa unga.

Nectar has been reopened by another enterprenuer, no more stupid livebands on a Friday Night.

Sahii hakuna difference, ata utapata za mtaani ndio noma kuliko za tao. The old notion that local pubs ni zile za makuti filled with wazees na nyama choma is long gone. The only downside mtadinyana tu watu wa hiyo estate nyinyi wenyewe, no new booty.

Enzi za Tacos/ibiza you could meet women from allover Nairobi, and it was very interesting. Weh ni msee wa Langata unameet dem wa Kahawa west etc.

Because the patrons there have appropriate age differences and usually have a lot in common which makes it easier to entertain and to keep them coming back. If a club entertains guys between 35 -40, it’s very easy to keep them interested and for them to feel comfortable.

Can you imagine being the owner of a club and trying to keep 20 year olds and 50 year olds entertained at one go?

Also, even a billionaire like Kirima probably felt weird buying a beer for 300/- at say, Mercury, when he could just join his fellow old men and drink the same be at 180/- pale Nairobi West. No flashing lights, music loud but not too loud to discourage talking and also, you don’t feel out of place among your agemates like you do around 20 year olds.

And there was no alcoblow either. You could leave Tao at 3am, find some cops along the way, and give them a lift to their station while as high as a kite.
Good old days.

True. Someone tell me the trick behind such outskirt clubs. I pop in once in a while to Jambo Grill along Thika road. Never found it empty, not once…since 2012. Hata parking ni shida kupata.

And I’ll withdraw

The club reopened at former Nectar is called Clanix Lounge. Its half the size of Nectar.

This must be Ridgeways Inn The Yard ama?

Hio age group ni hatari kwa wazee


The Yard it is