Lipa Mpesa na Smart Watch

When you have a smart watch, can you use mpesa to pay? Walevi have we ever considered paying bills na Smart watch, since the kabambe always keeps getting stolen.


Mlevi. The kabambe that keeps getting stolen. What makes you think the smart watch won’t be stolen?

Haha… Because it’s the kabambe that keeps getting stolen perhaps ??

I love my kabambe, I’ll keep my kabambe, I’ll never loose my kabambe. Got madam s8 which kijana smashed on the floor prior smashing tv with a flying toy, but mimi niko na mulika mwizi. Iv had it for 5 years and won’t let go despite pressure. End of rant

How’d he smash a SQNY / SAMSONG / LQ 14" tv?
I think it was deliberate. He’s tired of the neighbour’s kids mocking him.

:D:D sawa tu

Geriatric man sema tu technology ya smartphone kwisha piga wewe chenga.

[SIZE=1]Chezea chini omwami.unaniabisha mbele ya vijana[/SIZE]

Watu wakuswipe tukae upande gani ? :smiley:

You are not even supposed to be here. What are you doing here?

:smiley: :smiley:

How do access ktalk using a laptop or you have a tablet .???

Everyone is not into peasantry like you @zapp_brannigan


Chief nimeuliza tu ndio nielewe vile yeye hu manage juggling with a kabambe and another device for web /browsing .I am a peasant in your eyes but at least I have food and a roof over my head .I don’t know what you would call a homeless person and no food.

Dont take it too serious kaka. We are all having fun

Thank you.I have been trying to find a way of getting rid of a smartphone since having it with me mostly end up accessing the internet most of the time when idle which think might lead to addiction . I am an introvert and I am making my life worse kushinda Kwa simu.I think I can be more productive without it.

I didn’t ask him , nimeuliza wewe Kwa heshima but he misunderstood my post and I can’t change what he thinks about me.

Kuna hizi group za whatsapp Mtu hurushwa ndani without asking your consent na uki “left” it’s personal . My kabambe will never have whatsapp. Easy life