Lionheart na mlinda lango come listen to this woman

Sio kila saa kufwata negative vibes za kapoti…shenzi sana

That’s a unicorn if I ever seen one

@Heke hii itabidi tuite @TrumanCapote, she can learn something as she waits for her muzungu. Ama unaona aye muyamaa?

I’m not waiting for anybody. I just don’t want to have kids with black men. That’s my preference and I don’t understand why you have difficulty understanding that different people want different things in life.

I am not actively seeking white men like other black women who join their dating sites and the like. I am not in any dating site for white men. I am not particularly looking forward to being saddled with any man be he blue, pink or green. I am used to a life of freedom and I intend to continue with that and raise my mixed kids with the ideology of freedom. You can have sausage or bacon without having to rear a pig. I’m cutting out the middle man.

I want my genes to go forward merged with those of a 6ft, blonde haired, blue eyed, artistic and college educated man of athletic build. I don’t need to have a mzungu man to do that. Men are alot of work which to me simply isn’t worth it regardless of the color but I am not having children with black men. I’d rather stay child free or adopt than carry a child of a black man. Let’s be clear about that. I am not waiting for anything. I am just waiting for the embryos to be graded and I am good to go. So hii narrative that there’s something or someone I’m waiting for is wrong.

Of course I can date. I will probably date up until when my pregnancy begins to show but my plan to have children with junguus is on course and it’s not contingent on anything. I will date you while embryos are being implanted utashtukia tuu I am pg. I am staying on course if you want me you either take me with my mixed kids or not at all. You see I’ve dated black men but I was very clear in my mind that I didn’t want and still don’t want their children and as such I avoid engaging in activities that may predispose me to that predicament. So utaniona na matriplets ushindwe I thought you were waiting for a junguu. Don’t project your limitations on me, if the women you know are not able to use science to get what they want and they have to wait around for men and their descendants genetics is pegged on the whims of men especially black and as such inferior males. That is too bad for them. Please don’t project that on me. By any definition I have not lived a conventional life. I always choose to excel. That excellence is more important when it comes to my posterity. I’m not going to risk my kids genes on some old junguu who smokes and drinks bcz epigenetics is very important. This is too serious to leave to chance and I haven’t waited and kept myself all this time to end up with garbage. My kids must get the best genes. That doesn’t happen when you are waiting for a white man. You have to go and do analysis of available seed and narrow down to the upper percentiles. If you are waiting for a man like that in real life you will be waiting for a long time.

I still meet men but while finessing them I’m always thinking about the next steps in my journey. The plans I have for my kids. Of course I don’t tell anyone that. Watashtukia tuu boom I’m heavily pg like damn I thought we were dating but then dating you doesn’t mean I can’t be going ahead with my plans to have mixed kids. Kila mtu ako na maisha yake. After our date you go to your house and I go to mine. You see how it works? You can’t place your life in someone else’s hand especially on some things as important as your posterity.


Naona matumaini bado iko.

This right here is the rant.

You are oddly consistent in your pursuit of arian progeny which whether or not is misguided will be determined in the fullness of time but I have to commend you on sticking to your choice.

What I like about this is either you’re extremely right or extremely wrong either way I’m so excited to see how this works out for you

An ode to Truman Capote