Lion vs hyenas

In male sex life its either u r lion or a hyena if u r lion u need a pack and power and thats money and expensive germany machine u will be on top of food chain u will be choosy and only dine with the best all the fine ass and slayqueens will be your toys
And if u r on the other side the hyena the lowest of the food chain u will scavange what the lion has left u will not be choosy “shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka 2” but u will have many holes in ur life time

Sad that its sex that controls minds of people

And what else?

I truly agree , well said

There is more to life than just bangin…you can fly a supersonic cold war era jet to the edge of space, you can become a powerful power broker, you can do and be a lot of things in this life, sio lazima any and everything you do iwe for the purposes of getting slices

U are a very shallow person. Grow up.

I agree with psychoanalyst theorists that everything in life is pegged to that divine action of sex. It is what ensures continuity of species. Men work hard, acquire properties, pursue power, and strength so that they can get that high social status and attract the best female and take good care of their offspring. Women also dress well, apply makeup, and do the hair nice and neat to get noticed by suitable mates for the sake of having sex and getting children.
You can deny this but it is a fact.

God is a master designer. He ensured that the act of sex is pleasurable beyond anything the body experience and thus, we crave for it on a regular basis. he also made sure the female sex organs are strategically placed, in a somewhat hidden position, such that a man has to struggle to get it, only the strong/rich and witty get the legs opened wide. Imagine if the vagina and dick was on the forehead or hand?

Kuna manzi wasupa wengi Sana pale ghetto wenye hawana magharama mob na watakupea

Na kuna wasupa wengi from ‘reach’ families wenye hata iyo Mali zako haziwatishi juu wamelelewa na wazazi mapunk

At the end of the day mlango ya coomer ni ile ile tu,iwe mtaro ama tundu ya mchwa kuingiza utaingiza na umwage ndani

There’s a misconception that hyenas don’t hunt and lions don’t scavenge. Reality is quite opposite. Hyenas hunt most of their prey and have a higher success rate. Their packs are more strategic and persistent than lion packs. Plus how many times do you see lions struggling to climb up a tree to steal a leopard’s meal or scavenging on a dead hippo.


Unfortunate, even…

Boss… some of us are driven by the need for self improvement…10 years ago nilikuwa ni mtu was mahasira za ovyo, nowdays my focus is on character, health, freedom and finances…ziingine are mere additives

Male lions rarely hunt unless they are reinforcing to take down large game such as buffalo. Hunting is for females. Their role is to patrol the territory and keep the females and children safe.
Even juvenile male lions chased from a pride usually steal kills from other predators most of the time.
Hyenas hunt in packs(although have no qualms about stealing kills) but are matriachial with a strict heirachy hence the matriach and her children eat first then those higher up in the hierachy.
Thought you should know.

You talked like a circumcisor ( that’s a very respectable person in my culture)

Then use the right word and translate in brackets…

Even if you don’t do all that for sex, some kunguru will dish it out to you, you will chew some and dismiss some.