Linux Vs Windows

hukuingia website ya manufacturer.

ukiingia lenovo kutafuta drivers, utapata drivers za windows mpaka exact version number kitu kama broadcom bluetooth v2.1123.12 rev. 3 windows 10

tumia linux day to day, alafu ukipata kitu inahitaji some specific software, unaingia windows.

huezi compare mixxx na virtualdj. virtualdj iko mbali sana

Inategemea kazi unafanya. If you’re are a programmer linux is best but kama wewe ni graphics designer windows is the only option because of adobe suite.

Use the best OS for a specific job. I use Windows for Video editing and Linux for coding

Yes. Using wine.

mkundu chafu i am a confused villager, what else do you want me to be? And buy proper machines. Wacha kununua core 2 duo


WEKA LINUX …kama ni kufa ukufe

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I prefer using Linux for software development.

Apan tambua windows chieth, wacha kwanza tumalize kuunda steam deck

Hebu comb me. Mimi IT niko chini kama @Electronics4u .

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use only Windows, I have never worked with Linux

Why not linux?

Use what’s best for you. No need to sound overly enthusiastic about free software as if you’ve ever actually bought genuine Windows OS.

When it comes to choosing between Linux and Windows, it’s all about finding the right fit for your needs and preferences. Whether it’s the flexibility of Linux or the familiarity of Windows 11 Professional edition, the important thing is to use what works best for you. After all, genuine Windows OS does offer its own set of benefits that can’t be overlooked. It’s all about finding that sweet spot in your tech setup!