Linux Vs Windows

Windows OS is resource hungry. Other than ease of use Linux beats windows 10-1. Driver support is second to none when it comes to Linux Distros. Sometime back I got tired of using windows 7 and was adamant in upgrading to 10. On my Lenovo I decided to install KDE Linux. It worked like magic. It operartes smoothly hardly using the 8GB of RAM and the core i7 processor usage hardly gets above 53%. Windows used to hog down the 8GB Ram just to run MS office applications, browser and a few background apps.

I also discovered that the keyboard was backlit it had an inbuilt 4G modem from ZTE, under the battery I checked and confirmed it has a slot for a SIM card, so now no more tethering my phone while on the move.


Windows is good due to the availability of common software. Windows is too vulnerable to viruses. Genuine windows is expensive for nothing.

Linus is stable as fvck, cheap (customized)if not absolutely free.

Will never go back to Windows on my Primary computer.


Weka dual boot. Mambo ya gushing over linux ni upuss. Use the best tool for the job

What kind of machine has a sim card slot, I have windows with 16gb ram, all intensive task nimeeka gpu and I have super performance , upgrade machine and stop the rant, unless uko na a very specific use case for linux then I understand

All Thinkpads have a simcard slot

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I still ran my favorite version of Windows inside KDE. I don’t have to Dual boot

Get a Samsung laptop a Series 5

my vinyl cutter has forced me back to windows. its trash and bloated with unnecessary software

Naah, I have Spectre 15 for laptop and a desktop with gtx 1660 ti, they serve me well

Professional machines have.
But it’s true Linux and windows are oranges and mangoes. Very little to do with each other.

You discovered the keyboard was backlit after upgrading?..makes no sense…quote your source

Windows native drivers only recognized the Keyboard as Standard Keyboard


Can I install Ms Office on Linux?

Kuma hii weka virtual box ama vmplayer. Dual booting is so 2008

I have not used Windows for the past decade, back when I was mostly working with .net, I think I would need a refresher course in the same. Ubuntu has served me well, just that Google drive wamekata mambo ya Linux kabisa.

Mbaf wewe. It depends on what kind of performance you need. Vitu that push the machione wont translate well on a virtual machine like First Person Shooter games for e.g. For max performance, dual boot is the way to go. Wacha kua confused villager wewe!

Use Windows

lmao ndindu comparing a kernel to an actual Operating System

I am a Windows Operating System die hard, with Linux, sikatai ni nzuri, but to me linux hainifanyii kazi, most of my tools depend on Windows OS. Windows forever, Windows 11

You do realize Android and chrome OS are built on top of linux kernel but we don’t call them Linux they both different OS.