linux buffs

Nataka kuingia linux niwachane na MS for a while.

I want to dual boot it with Windows and wondering if this is an easy task to go to and from the OS.

Tumia virtual machine, ni simpler

Very easy steps to dual boot.
First install windows.
Make the necessary partitioning.
Then install your favorite Linux.

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Do I need the install disk or usb ? I want to install ubuntu

You can as well install it from USB or DVD and follow the steps thereafter. Internet connection is highly recommended during setup…

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Tumia Virtual machine vile @saam2 amesema hapo juu.I recommend Vmware Workstation Pro

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what is the advisable portion I should partition for the VM. MS will be my primary OS.

That is purely dependent on what you wany to install on the Linux, 20-30gb hard disk space should be fine.Remember you will also have to allocate RAM to this vm.

In the age of Docker and Containers you don’t need VM/Virtalbox or even dualboot… Just google abit on both.

ku liveboot from disk ni better

I thought docker is more of an application deployment automation technology as compared to VM which more or less mimics an OS.

You can use either the disk or the usb to install ubuntu, if you have the partition ready as mentioned above ubuntu should detect the windows os and add a boot menu item for the same.

That said, avoid ubuntu 17.10 its ha been reported to have issues on some laptops especially lenovo and some acer, it will corrupt the bios, which can at times be messy.

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On corrupting bios bit naona Kama Ni ukweli.
My Lenovo ilibeat juzi nikatumia Ubuntu 17 kujaribu kusalvage some important documents. Following day my bios is fucked couldn’t even reset bios settings

Chukua an old version of ubuntu LTS kama 16.04. It should be much stable. Tafuta flash disk iko na nafasi kama 8gb. Burn ISO kwa hio flash disk na software kama etcher ama rufus. Kisha ingiza flash kwa comp na uchague option ya ku boot from USB kwa menu yako ya BIOS. Ubuntu itakupa options kadhaa. Chagua ya boot from live disk. Hii haita install anything to your comp na uko free kucheza cheza nayo vibaya kama an adolescent boy who has just discovered masturbation. Jipe kama miezi mbili hivi. Learn how to use the terminal with some basic commands kama za kunavigate through folders(plenty of instructions on google so usijisumbue ku learn all of them but just the ones you want/need). Ikiwa utapenda starehe za hii maneno na unajiskia makmende, chagua option ya kudual boot windows na linux. Hapa sasa ndio utatengenesa partitions for both. Once again, ubuntu itakuwa friendly enough kukuguide through so usiwe na wasi wasi . However make sure you have a back up of important files from your machine kabla uanze mambo na partition. Kama ubuntu itakufurahisha zaidi ya hapo endelea nayo na ufute windows. Best case scenario ni kukuwa na machine mbili. moja ya kuchezea linux as you learn it, ingine ni main yenye iko na windows na workflow yako sawa sawa.