Linus is another kikuyu who is raising the hard questions....


fertile lands, been converted to real estates.

Gitahi doesn’t know the drought cycles we’ve had? he doesn’t know his Nyeri home county will not harvest any maize just like it has not done since 2015? blonde elite.

You mean the drought cycle only affects kenya?
You mean the serikali ya vijana are still struggling with the perennial problem of rain depending agriculture…yani hakuna ubunifu yenye ime fanyika ya ku improve agriculture production???

I can bet this guy has not been to Ug or Tz, the drought that has hit our country has been more severe and we don’t have as much arable land as our neighbors.

and forests being cleared everywhere

Flagship project ya Galana Kulalu turned out to be a scam.

Hapo tulikulwo lakini I still have hope in it

What do you expect when you import fake fertilizer to make a killing, and flood the country with cheaper imported Maize? the farmers make loses and because that need to eat the cut the plants and make commercial buildings. This will even get worse. we will soon get aid from Somalia.

Actually the traditional “bread baskets” in Ug had drought but working class have embraced agriculture more and were able to bail out the farmers without the whole mess getting to the news

If we can afford to import,what’s the problem?
My parents have never grown any food crop after relocating to ushago.
Lisha ngombe na Lima majani chai alafu proceeds ununue unga,which is cheaper than growing maize.

May be you should answer him why there won’t be any harvest yet in the yester years the region used to produce bounty yields.I guess if you start from there you will understand what the young man is driving at.Drought is neither here nor there.At the moment one of the Jubilee sycophant down there I hear he is helping clear the aberdares.

Blonde elite as usual . Sit behind a desk and read books and act like they know everything on the ground . To keep this argument to the basics , let’s look at it in the simplest first most basic way that a Class 1 child may be able to understand .

Satellite imagery is used all over the world for analysis purposes , in this case , land fertility and ability to determine how weather in an area is changing farming or vegetation , for more information you can check this link

Now children , look at the images below , 3 countries noted (Kenya , Uganda and Tanzania) and tell me what country one can deduce has the worst weather in terms of crop production


So if you were a farmer , what country would you be happy being a farmer in and which one would you not ?

Yes there are many factors that can change a country’s food production , but when the most important basic is not there , you cannot expect manna from heaven as an alternative .

Well with subsidised ‘fertilizer’ made from stones zimesagwa, what do you expect? The main economic activity in Kenya aint agric its corruption.

if we use this simpleton logic of yours, then Egypt and Isreal would be the worlds most starved nations. What happened to investing in agriculture, AI extenstion servise to directly help the farmer? why did Kenya seed company produce fake seeds? who oversaw importation of fake fertilizer? do we have a solid land policy? are we subdividing our land to unproductive proportions? does anyone care?

If you politic 24/7 as a pastime, when will you grow food?

You are beginning to sound like that (former) MP who retorted that the deforestation of the Mau forest had nothing to do with the change in the rainfall patterns.

The rain magically appeared from the clouds like manna from heaven.

This right here is the problem with sychophancy.

On the Ugandan side, the are around Lake Victoria is very productive Agriculture wise, the grand question is why things change when u get to the Kenyan side.
Let’s start with the Dominion farm debacle

Demand for maize in Kenya will always be high I doubt if we will ever have equilibrium or a surplus.

Egypt imports all it’s food , highest importer of wheat in the world , high food prices were even one of the reasons for fueling it’s revolution .

First , Israel imports 80% of it’s grains . GMO food production is their power as well , the same GMO that Kenyans said a very big NO to . Easy access to water source has helped them as well and 40% of water used in irrigation is from wastewater and salt water . Now that sounds good , now look at the financial power needed to replicate that and how you will transport water from one part of the country to another for irrigation.

Extension servise without water is useless , Seeds without water is useless , Fertilizer without water is useless , land policy without water is useless