Line Up ....Good Shows

Look what I get to watch tonight I don’t even know which to start from the comedy hour beginning with man seeking woman to the return of arrow…wacha ni washe Ka moshi

The episode am watching is season 3 episode 5 I can’t get a promo on YouTube …

And these guys above but its episode 5 of season 7

Wacha nianze


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those gay shows angalia polepole shenji schupid

You need to have a sex life fag.

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Never have i ever been confused

Hio punjab yako Sielewi. Usiogope kunyonya mboro kama it’s your calling.

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Like you guys are actual closet fags…you peek at the gay section shit thats y one likes shemales the other brings up dick out of no where. Admit it and do all the fags a favour cuz even fags don talk much about dick after they are well fed.

You have not been laid in the longest time. :D:D

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Neffar had a good slay in january like this year …tinder +instaglamour miguu zinafunguka na kujileta:D:D.Umeona nikiteta njanuary nope.

Thanks to you I think i have only 9 days without pussy in the crib for the whole year as of know:cool:(Yes I had a bitch also yesternight. 2017…ata si fisi tena sema simba.Damn na kunamwengine napata for the weekend from sato i expect to bounce by wednesday.

Gay man embrace your sexuality as a bottom. :D:D

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PLus how u guys jump to gays am not distracted that easily @uwesmake n @Web Dev nyinyi either are too immature and desperate lil bitches or you are closet fags hakuna any other option. You can’t just bring gay from no where like that point of origin iko wapi…

Even before i posted boom another gay reference lol…you know so much you peek at the gay section don yah! Admit it.

@Web Dev toka kwa closet @uwesmake we know he is a closet bi

@Web Dev don deny it,you are a straight up closet fag. Just admit it…thats y unaka ka dryspell anxiety.Funny though a character in The magicians and arrow are gay,and both shows haven’t piped up gay as much you do and Imagine am sure they placed in that trait to balance representation yet even you talk more about it than even necessary or maybe u are into that culture one way or another but find it hard to live it.Anyways live your life…

If you haven’t been watching its always sunny in Philadelphia man you been missing the best and the longest comedy(let me guess u were watching big bang n kina how i met ur mother).They don’t lift a candle to the escapades in IASP.Man seeking woman is the definition new age comedy plus its impossible to guess next episodes shenanigans they are random yet they add to the overall plot.Workaholics is dope the other two shows are the best option for the night drama imo…cuz what else can u watch within 24 hrs of airing that is better than magicians n arrow.I wiill wait …Plus i stream my shows from Kodi,popcorn time and websites so I watch as they come out or let them stew to build up episodes for new premieres like their is a show called SIX.Waiting till it has five episodes

homoscrewedplus Get phucked in the arse utulie


Eh huko hata denki hainanga reverse huko,umeaccept you are bi(vile umelenga hio story ya shemales) .lil bitch has come out of the closet sasa sitakutukana tena for your lifestyle:D.Endelea na kina clitchy be a good father that all that matter atakama boot umejazwa mitungi a semen kama ya huyu momo kwa handle yako.

Why do u so want so much lil bitch lo! hata post si yako wanifuata…boss I really …really think you are queer to the fact you don knoq you are gay like this guy

BTw am a dennis like…

Damn this was in the recomended at the end.You can’t beat this show’s level of writting…