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This will give people ideas, ukipigwa picha bila ruhusa, you run to court.


Totally in order. Using people’s photos without permission is against the law


This will only add to the problems faced by standard media group.During covid walinifanyisha interview ya ufala online mara kama tatu.They ended up giving the job to some girl from South Africa.Kumbe hakunanga revenues banae.One of the interviewers who shortlisted me was fired and hadi leo hajawai lipwa benefits.Niliponea chupu chupu.


I have seen staff complain due to salary delays.


So now its a crime for newspapers to publish photos of public officers when they are on duty? So should hasla, kachakua and all public officers sue the media for kuweka picha zao kwa gazeti na TV daily without consulting them first?

Naskia aka kamadam kaliishia US of A?

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Hapa naona akikomboa huduma za “experienced debt collection specialists” almaarufu auctioneers.


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Shida sio ku publish picha,shida ni ili publishiwa kwa context gani

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They published the photo with a caption “Tight Security” and that was ok because the lady and fellow officers were providing security at the public function and judging by the arrangements, the security was tight.


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Walimaanisha matako ya serikali iko tight visooooooori :green_emoji:

Gachagua and JSKS cannot complain due to public interest and FUP (Fair Use Policy). About FUP, i can publish some of your work that you have copyrighted if I am going to use it for the benefit of the public. Idk if Kenya has similar laws but US has a nice write up of FUP policies.