Linda Katiba Initiative.

What I am saying is that the ruling class has the means to manufacture consent on things that they want. They have the money, the media, the courts and the sway that they hold over their followers my friend. When was the last time that you witnessed Kikuyu and Luo kingpins on the same table pushing an agenda? I guess probably back in 2002, and the New Constitution in 2010. They were all a success.
When the democratic route fails, they will rig it(Raila, 2007). The commercial sector is in it for the political stability that comes with creating the office of the Prime Minister(“Shared Power”) after the 2017 presidential debacle of course. The politicians want money and power(increasing the number of MPigs). The modern state is a partnership between commercial and political interests. Will of the people(“democracy”) is a sham. I’ve not outsourced my decision making capabilities to the ruling class though.

And why did that ruling class not succeed in rigging 2002 elections to favour its successor or the 2005 referendum. Or this ruling class operates only when its necessary.
There is nothing like ruling class stuff… Kenyans vote and they themselves elect whatever they desire and BBI will be no different. If many Kenyans do not want it it will fail but if many want it it will pass.
Why is the si called ruling class afraid of by elections in Nairobi and had to device legal loopholes to achieve their agenda. I thought they should have waited for elections to happen and then rig in their candidate if they have much power to force things to happen as you claim

They have the means (courts) that’s why they device the legal loopholes!
Allowing dissent keeps the democratic illusion alive. Anti-BBI forces wanachapwa blackout kwa media, Ruto & Co are hustlers they can’t financially match the the pro-BBI forces. Campaign zenye pro-BBI watafanya na hiyo pesa can’t be compared to those youtube videos by The Linda Katiba Initiative. Tena wakenya wangapi wanatumia youtube watapiga kura?

alafu the icing on the cake utasikia wakisema ati BBI italeta amani Kenya since Luos and Gikuyus are coming together as one to push a national agenda:D:D:D.
Kenyans are being played like a fiddle. The rulers use and discard tribalism when it suits them!

I thought you said they are going to rig. Why waste time campaigning when you know you can rig. Why waste time with sagana meetings whatever. Just wait till elections time and rig
I thought it should have brought peace by now but Raila seems to be still unwanted in the place he was unwanted in the last elections GEMA. The BBI has only profited Uhuru because he is welcomed like a king in Luo Nyanza but on his home place baridi. Same to Raila he is still not welcome in the place despite having secured an handshake

To legitimize the rigging!:D:D:D Rigging is the back up plan when democracy ‘fails’.

Your point is thorough.
But do you get mine…cant we have a conversation about Kenya without referencing the usual suspects?
The media gives them the spotlight coz they know 100% that we will lap it all up.
lets say we ignore them kabisa kabisa shun their rallies…turn our attention to these other alternatives via other media and respond to their calls to action as Kenyans One Nation Under God.
Economic sabotage that RAO pulled we pull on all corporates that are in bed with these crony capitalists.
You cant move on from a nasty ex of you keep entertaining her…you need to move on theres new fish out there.
Take it upon yourself to talk about Kenya without going back to these guys…just for the sake of change…try it…it will feel strange but its quite refreshing and your mind will be opened up to new possibilities ideas discussions.

Mimi Kwanza I don’t watch Kenyan news. Watching news is giving the politicians our consent to influence us how we think.

I hate the current constitution, creation of consuming units(billions of Kshs) that do not produce anything, both BBI and linda katiba are bullcrap in my eyes.

Hii generation ya akina uhuru/raila/ruto has already lost legitimacy with the internet generation. We can only hope that Ndii, Linda Katiba generation will be better when they get to power.

Just by show of hands…wherever you are…inua mkono kama ulijitolea ukapigia the 2010 katiba kura.

Sasa hapo ulipo…mbona huwezi unga mkono msongamano ambao unahimiza kutekelezwa kikamilifu THE SAME DOCUMENT THAT YOU YOURSELF VOLUNTARILY VOTED FOR.

These guys you keep mentioning…one of them alipinga the new constitution that you voted for the other one supported it but wants to ammend it for his own sake even before he has pushed for the implementation of the original…and you guys still follow their politicking.

Kwani nyinyi hawa watu wamewawekea nini kwa chakula you guys cant tell left from right?

@langatkipro hebu try engaging in conversation discussing Kongamano La Mageuzi 3rd Way Alliance Linda Katiba without mentioning the rest @mlipuayote @sani jaribuni tu kiasi muone kama hamta feel like a load has been lifted from your shoulders.

Nilicheki mahali kwa jiji ukidai huta vote…i think pia @ChifuMbitika …big up wazeiya…kama itakuwa ujinga ya hio 2 horse race hata mimi si toki keja kuvote.
Nimeanza ka kitty ka 100 bob a week untill elections ziingie…nijishikie crate 1 2 ya guiness na ka mbuzi na ka dame…nijibambe mosmos nikiona mafala waki waste their time and energy.

I am of the same opinion

Resist! Never voted. Never will. But I make the effort kwenda briefly kujionea those 1kilometre queues…what a sight to behold.

That katiba is badly designed. It’s pure garbage actually

So many contradicting clauses are in it.


  1. Kenyans have to recall their representation … But that representation defines how they shall be recalled

  2. Both the central and county governments should foster national unity… But the counties borders are drawn based on ethnicity

  3. The county governments should strive for financial independence from the central government… But they are not allowed to levy any tax

  4. The central government must protect indigenous Kenyan languages… But in the event of legal doubt/confusion, the English language version shall carry the day

So if the constitution hasn’t really changed anything for the better since 2010, why should Kenyans bother with “linda katiba”?

@Lonely Lover download and read the entire constitution by yourself for yourself and then decide if this is a thing worth fighting for

Download link from the parliament website:

They dont rig when they have less than 30% of support. If they do their constitution will have no legitimacy and people will openly defy it and the leaders. Ruling is all about making people submit to your authority and making them submit willingly

That is more powerful than voting

@WazeeNaWatoto my beef is with the personalities at the top and not the document in this here thread…contradictions or no contradictions errors or none…the tried and tested politicians have failed us consistently.

All im agitating for is positive inclusive and mutualy beneficial change.

Kanu orphans wont facilitate that…they are so shameless they are even giving testimonies of their indeiscretions in political rallies retreats funerals…damn they arent just robbing us…they are even robbing their comrades widows and children…theres no honor amongst tieves.

Would you rather have John Githongo in there or the current alternative…look what they did to Wangari Maathai…baana hapana.

Im even getting tired trying to make you guys see the light.

The counties were designed to foster equity. Inequality is the main thing that causes national disunity.
The other problems with constitution is why we have MPs and senators for. They are supposed to be making laws to help the Kenyans but the made laws to help their bosses. And the new constitution rendered many of these laws illegal.

Where have you been? None of those laws were rendered void. Miguna was deported with a law from 1952

The problem with the constitution is not what it is supposed to do or be

The problem is that it never even attempts to answer how to achieve what it is supposed to achieve

Look at this from the Linda katiba website:

All I see is what they want to do but they don’t say how they plan to do it

How will they " bring an end to the master-servant state and entitlement politics in Kenya for good"???

How will they “fight to realize the right to Healthcare, housing, food, water, education and social security as stipulated in article 43 of the constitution of Kenya”???

How will they bring about “a leadership that puts people first; that feels the pain, that demonstrates genuine concern, and responds decisively to the plight of the people”???


Whenever you ask that question, they get offended and they insult you as being ignorant or they block you

And then they go back to wanking about what Kenya needs as if Kenyans don’t know what they need