Linda Katiba Initiative.

Yaani its almost 24 hours since i saw Seii Karua Ndii and the Linda Katiba Brigade demanding for the full implementation of the new constitution bila pi pi eye shenanigans.

So far sijaona hata talker mmoja aki i mention kijijini…hata mtaani…no one seems to care or wants to engage in such conversation or maybe even do jua about linda katiba initiative and any other political movement other the well known ones.

Whats wrong with us Kenyans kusema tu ukweli…we want different results but we are still sticking to the same old narratives with our heads in the sand.

Mpaka kwa hii jiji there was a brief exchange on the Arati and sijui nani fight in a funeral in Kisii…of all things to discuss.

Sisi wenyewe ndio tuna support hawa watu wanatukandamiza if all we can do is think of them and discuss their every move.

Mi nina waomba wadau…lets just try for once ku discuss kenyan politics and society without mentioning Raila Kalonzo Unye Ruto Mudavadi and their political outfits and cronies…just for one week…tuone kama kenya haita endelea bila these guys.

Just one week.

Do the same at home mtaani job hustle wherever…we are way over due a fresh start…lets start a new narrative bana.

Lets begin a new chapter…lets forge a new path…my God…kenyans mmepotea.

I like the Linda Katiba Initiative as well, progressive leaders who put the nation 1st

The Kenyan ruling class wants BBI. Even if we reject BBI on the ballot those that count the votes will determine the outcome of the referendum.
Kura wataiba.

Where can I access the doc? I have a lot of time for Martha this time round.

Martha Karua lacks the integrity to lead such a movement.
That’s why.

:D:D:D:D:D I will let DP Uncle Ruto say he supports it and see how the whole of government machinery plus opposition in tow move focus there.

Anyway good initiative. I wish then best of luck and they can count on my support.


Enyewe we are fucked judging by these replies…so far we know jack about what alternatives we have…sasa kama nyinyi ndio watu mmesoma mme enda ngambo mnafaa kuwa influencers community leaders opinion shapers…damn.

@Unknown Fela so the other candidates in the 2 leading parties have integrity to govern this country?

6 replies deep na @spear asha mention Ruto…wah.

@BaldCoomer usha kimbilia maoni ya ruling class…what about self…yaani wewe your family your immediate community…why the dependence on these looters and plunderers.

@Finest wine leo ume niangusha…cheki cheki hio maneno and lets flip the conversation.

Miguna pahali yuko…akae huko tu…Kenyans mmepotea…we cant talk politics without referring the usual suspects…the problem is deeper.

Kenyans are scarred and suffer trauma from previous mis-administrations…thats what ive gathered so far.

This is a sic addiction.

It is, crabs in a barrel mentality

Apana sijakuangusha. I said I have a lot of time for Martha this time round. Pengine unielezee pole pole like the way I am teaching my kids to read…ama unitumie link?

I didn’t even know about the stuff. Nimeisikilia hapa.

I have a question for you, @Lonely Lover …who owns media houses in Kenya? Do you know how much they spend to stay in the headlines? Both directly and indirectly?

That means radio, TV, mangaseti and social media…

Answer for you @kukuru kakara …who owns your eyes ears heart brains? How much do you have to spend to face the truth and do the moral, right and logical thing?

I mean for yourself, your family, your community and your country at large.

@Brayo44ki i dont think this is the crabs in a barrel…hi ni plain hypocrisy and self destruction.

we want things we can discuss at length.
sasa linda katiba ni nini mtaongea na watu. hio si ni 2 min conversation

BBI, tutaanza kusema ooh Baba anachezwa, ooh Simba ni paka amenyeshewa, ooh Hustler ameiba mashamba… (3 days zimepita)
same with other politicians. we want someone with scandals that will keep the conversation going and us entertained.

ata huwezi ota juu ya linda katiba. tutanataka kitu tutaota Hustler amekuja mtaani akawacha wheelbarrow ama Baba ametupea Prado

and that’s why it’s said.
if you aren’t ready to die today for a better tomorrow, don’t complain about today.

Too much info asked on sign up…nimechoka kutype… An error in part of website developers and agenda pushers. Tutapambana nao kwa ballot…BBI is a failure anyway but vile these guys wanapewa black out on their agenda dark magic is at play.

Wazi mdau I have signed up.

I actually watched the launch on YouTube and signed up. The Somali Imam made very good points. I wasn’t aware of the struggle to push the constitution in the first place.
David Ndii (@DavidNdii) Tweeted:
Linda Katiba Launch


I support the initiative

It’s sad affair, most care of their tribal lords and their paymasters.