Lincoln Freed The Slaves and Other Short Stories

What’s the difference between a 17th century plantation worker and a minimum wage worker today minus the violence??

The plantation owner had 100 slaves, he would extract work from them using violence, then he would feed them, house them, and treat them because they were his assets. The replacement costs were too high (buying slaves) so he had to use chains and violence to discourage escape. Today, its easy to replace unskilled employees so there is zero need for violence. If you abscond your duties another peasant will replace you the next day.

Today, the factory owner has 100 employees, he pays them peanuts. The employees then use their peanuts on accommodation, food, clothing, and medical treatment.

Today, the capitalistic system is highly efficient and does not need to use violence. Slaves are free to change masters but they remain slaves nonetheless. They must report to work at least 330 days every year or risk starvation. You can change from being a mjeii worker, to a G4S watchman, to a factory worker in industrial area etc.

Slavery didn’t end. They just honed it into a more efficient system. They still extract labor from the masses and pay them peanuts - that’s why asset prices (capital) rise faster than incomes.

Slaves had hierarchies and even now employees have hierarchies with CEOs at the top as the highest ranking slave. Sure, many “slaves” are better off than lowly “masters” but thats neither here nor there.

In my view, there is no difference between a 17th century slave owner at a plantation, and a factory owner in industrial area. I believe that slavery or whatever people call it nowadays (employment) is part of human nature and there is nothing wrong with it…a few people have to ride the backs of the masses. The modern slave has no color. He is born into slavery by slaves and dies a slave (99% of the people). If you have any doubts, very few people can afford to stay out of work for one year, not just locally but worldwide.

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The voluntary nature of transactions today is a major difference. Hakuna kulazimishwa kufanya kazi, and you are free to try live alternative lifestyles if you don’t want to opt into modern civilization

Yeah we’re still slaves. We’re tied, not by nuts, bolts, and chains, but by the threat and fear of starvation.

You are right.

Couldn’t have put it any more right.

Ndio maana I used to think to myself… unazaliwa unaingia shule more than 18 years of your your life then after kumaliza shule unaingia employment hadi unadeady…that’s life…a biiigger scaaaam than marriage… kama unaeza find a way out toka mapema

The illusion of choice. The world is structured in such a way that if you don’t work you starve and become homeless.
There’s a reason why communism and socialism are fought

Why dont you tell that to Somali and Maasai pastoralists.

And that’s a bad thing how? You want to be able to laze about and prosper?