Lillian Nganga

I am really disappointed that a Kyuk lady can be this daft aki. Kiambu women need to have a class for these naive girls like Lillian. I thought she was stacking up prime plots kumbe ni shares alikua adanganywa nazo? SHARES? In a personal company? Heh!!

To make things worse is Juliani. My dia. There’s nothing like mapenzi bila pesa. A thankless job in this world is being a wife. Now add being a broke man’s gf or wife or whatever she is to Juliani. Mama misoto ndio imeanza. And Murgor doesn’t come cheap. Sasa mjakaa fimbo kubwa akununulie Gari former first Lady.

Yaani how was this relationship working exactly? So she got nothing besides abstract shares in a company and a car or am I the one who is not understanding.

I don’t know how many times we will say women, stop doing charity work for this men. Utoe mwanaume Kenya dusty umplekee mayuu, he leaves you after finding his way around. That is a poor man. A wealthy one like Mutua buys you a car and gives you some shares in a company for 10 years of walking around with him, being a first, second or whatever lady na kumpanulia for 10 years as you are depreciating then he starts mistreating you ndio ujitoe. My friend relationship with a man is a business not a charity. Tulisema if hakuna faida in dollars and cents, either you wind up or make it a hobby.

This is a man’s world my dear first ladies. Men have everything in their favor including the system. So you need to look out for yourself and yourself only. I don’t know how many women must be screwed over for men to wake up and smell the Benjamins. Have you ever seen a child giving their food to an adult ati we kula mimi nikae njaa? Kids know they’re smaller, more vulnerable and must always come first. I don’t know when women will ever understand how vulnerable they are in this world. I mean you leave a whole governor of Kenya with nothing then you go to feed a thug. Anyway, I’m tired of singing this song, as Mutua puts it keep being crushed to ashes maybe one day y’all will wake up and realize that men are not your friends, get what you can and quit while you are ahead. There’s no romance. Only finance. Ask Wendy Williams. Jill Scott. Mary J. Blige.

The moment you show is it’s business, we hold resources and fuck you harder for one night then release you. A foolish woman is the one who inherits everything from a man. Not a toxic feminine ghaseer with big brains and a mtaro

How exactly would she stack prime plots with no money.

We, Kiambu women, disown her.
Ametuaibisha Sana.


Punda wives are now laughing loudly like hyenas:D:Din solidarity with our punda wife…Mutua’s ex.
On the other hand…wtf is wrong with Lilian?she needs lessons on SQuuening. How do you leave empty handed after wasting your youthful years? how? jinga sana huyu Lilian. Mutua will chew and spit her out. She ought to have a drawer full of title deeds…IN HER NAME!!!isie kata koo…

You know most of you just cry,beg and grovel at our feet hun.

Actually punda wife has no problem. She has been vindicated that Mutua was a horrible spouse and on top of that Lillian is now in a worse situation than her. I don’t know why women think that they are special and if a man mistreat his first wife you are the special one who he won’t mistreat and abandon. A leopard can not change its spots and the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If a man can betray a woman he swore love to on an altar wewe ni nani?

She was working. As a first lady. Cleaning up Mutuas image as a man who can not keep a family and doing alot of PR she should have been getting that paper when she had leverage of spoiling his already bad image by dumping him but she got caught up in the glitz and glamor and forgot alienda Mayakos kuhustle.

Kapote ata wewe you work? And from your explanations, you are very successful. Do you have prime plots in Karen and Loresho? Alienda Machakos kuhustle kwa kitanda?