Lilian Towers - How one of Nairobi's earliest skyscrapers trashed all City Council bylaws

Lillian Towers, a building which displays graceful purity with conically-shaped exterior resembling a maize cob, Kenya’s staple food, stands on University Way opposite Nairobi University main campus. It houses the Nairobi Safari club, with about 140 all-suite apartments.

The building is owned by a prominent business tycoon and politician Mr. Stanley Githunguri. Here he explained some of the problems he encountered in the process and how he sought President Jomo Kenyatta’s intevernetion. When he bought the plot where Nairobi’s iconic Lilian Towers stands in Nairobi. It turned out that there was a 1954 council by-law that prohibited the construction of more than six floors in the vicinity of the Central Police Station.

“I came to know about this by-law when I took the drawing of my 16-floor hotel project to City Council offices. I was denied approval on the basis of the 1954 by-law. I tried to talk to everybody, including the mayor who was then Andrew Ngumba, to no avail. I finally went to see Mzee Kenyatta in Gatundu…READ MORE

Mzito best gavana anaishingi huku akijali maslahi ya wanairobi

Nice post villager…

I’m pretty certain Sonko bought this building.

Lilian towers doesn’t belong to the afomentioned tycoon. Get your facts right. Hii ni ya mpango wa kando wa Moi during his corrupt regime.

And it killed Stella Awinja

It is you that needs to get their facts right

Githunguri owns the building…maybe kama sonko alinunua juzi

You are right… Stanley Munga Githunguri the former Kiambaa MP is the owner… It is named after his mother Lilian Nyagaki Githunguri… And yes, Stella Awinja Muka was killed by a falling rock during it’s construction in 1984… Stanley Githunguri was a National Bank of Kenya CEO or Chairman and was Kenyatta’s banker… he also owns Ridgeways Mall the premises… Now you know!!

So kenyatta and Githunguri’s impunity killed Stella Awinja? There is a hostel named after her pale UON.

Yes… Near the famous “Box” Girls Hostel at The UoN my alma mater… Now you know!!

Sasa wewe na hizi facts zako kombokombo mara ni Mwende Mwinzi ambaye bado ako jobless sasa ni Lilian Towers…

Come to think of it, this guy is not too far away from the myths that have always been there that Stanley Githunguri named it after a girl that was snatched from him by Moi (sic)… whether they were fighting for a girl at some point, the fact is what I have stated…

Tell us more …The late Stela Awinja

Lillian is his late mother

Stella Awinja hostel at uon was named after the then student ,who died during the construction of Lillian towers,she was knocked down by construction materials from the towers…now you know

Stella Awinja is the hostel where i first ate the first chic when we joined college.
She was a Taita lady and we had it raw the first week after we reported. She couldnt contain the bull. After 5 minutes she told me to remove the gadget. I remember it was Moi or Kenyatta Day.