Lilian Nganga Shows Off Baby Bump As Mutua Dances His Life Away....

Soon-to-be mummy Lillian Nganga - Owino is set to welcome her first child but before then, she is serving us some serious fashion goals.

Of late she has been sharing photos documenting her pregnancy journey.

She walked down the aisle with rapper Juliani a.k.a Julius Owino on February 2, 2022.

The nuptials were kept hush-hush and only one photo leaked went viral.

Lilian showed her excitement by gushing about her pregnancy. She said, “These are the days I prayed for.”

The couple has kept their love life out of the public eye but Lillian announced she has been working on a tell-all book titled Madam First Lady.
“This mini-memoir that I cherish is a book about owning my story, taking control of the narrative and telling my truth. From being catapulted into the limelight amidst a lot of chatter, to achieving a lot under the County First Lady’s Office to the eventual “stepping down” from the position…From my heart to yours!”


Here are reactions from her loyal follower who cannot get over her pregnancy glow.

alicenelson__: Your next book title to be money can’t buy love.

wanjiru_muya: You are glowing :heart:

gladyskab: We say belly (pregnancy) where is our belly (putting Nigerian accent)

natashaeunic: Happiness looks good on you @ngangalillian

peninakilel: When a woman is loved right it!!!

moniekarocho: G for glowing

lisakanyambu: When a woman is happy and comfortable :heart:

Alfred Mutua at President of comedy Africa Eric Omondi’s lavish birthday at a city club.


It’s his turn (Julius Owino).

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Lilian alimeza P2 kama njugu akiuza kuma 1999 asi count chicks b4 hatching


Nmetafuta baby bump lakini nikama naona tu fombe bump.
Verdict ;hakuna mtoto hapo ni kitabi ya p2 vile owes amesema hapo juu.

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Jaluo, ilimwaga ndani ndani kabisa.


Juliani aliwacha kuingia mkia

Yaani Juliani defended his Luo roots to the bedroom and dry fried this kunguru despite the overwhelming effidense that mutua has nini? Wa Juliani ni mwanaume

Huyo ataweza kuzaa kweli ama atakufia maternity ward akiwa ameshindwa kusukuma mtoto?

Washeni wivu

They sail kikuyu girls never marry luo men
Wapi kina @bigfire @SaltyLight @ChifuMbitika the fag @Circledot?
And btw, these tribalists I’ve noticed are die hard UDA supporters

Watoto ya 2000 ni C section,wasichana wanaogopa kupanua kuma


Tell us more, oh great one


Handshake between Jayden and Kitendawili changed everything.

Nilitaka kusalimiana na governor lakini it seems this will not happen kama Owino ameshamwaga ndani banae

Not this whore again.

kwani mutua hakuweza kuweka mimba in 10 yrs

Wait for her to be a single mum…waweza kuwa bado na chance

@TrumanCapote akona kitambi kubwa kuliko hiyo ya ririan bwana


Udaku mwingi

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Lilian bila makeup [ATTACH=full]425099[/ATTACH]

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