Lilian muli

Wasn’t going to say anything but I may as well add to this.

What did you really expect? An alpha male to settle for her? Was never going to happen in a million years. He was there to DFBCD… you know the rest. And what I’m sure is Jared is already on to the next. And anyone worth their salt here will give him the “You are the man” greetings when you meet in Dubai formula 1.

Now may be a good time for Beta men and Akina itumbi to move in with poems of love to woo the damsel, otherwise Alphas only do one thing.

What Jared can do is give us wise quotes, he is the master.

The only person who can help Lilian Muli ni Lilian Muli… she must start using her brains for once or whatever is left

As an Alpha male, this is what I will say… The trait is in born… it can’t be learned. It’s stamped in our DNA. It can’t be unlearned. The least we can ever hope is for the society to accept us as we are.

Hii ndio gani

Dwy Fwy Bila CD


Sio wote tunamjua huyu Jared

Proud Gamma!

Ndio owner wa Shabana FC

Digi uko na mushene mingi kama wamama wa soko…humbwer wewe @digi


Ghersia taka taka wewe. Merry Christmas to you too

Waahhh enyewe kunguru huendea walio na Ka nyama

The Alpha, is the home of captain of industry and social butterflies. Hmmm ! ! ! Captain of industry, S.K. Macharia , Chris Kirubi, Manu Chandari and other business magnates.
This one of impregnating a T.V socialite and becoming an Alpha Male is new . In the animal kingdom, the Alpha Male leads the park , and ensures safety and continuity . He raises a generation that is capable of survival.
Now to our Governors, how many are Alpha ? How many of our Leaders in can fit in this tier

Lilian Muli did her matches, and narrowed it to Jared, when that baby comes, Jared will be in family court, slammed with child support. Same happened with Passaris.


Huyo Lillian Muli tuligrow mtaa moja South C namjua sana hio ndio life amekua akiishi kukamuliwa na kutupwa na watu wako na pesa

So Jared, amekuwa trapped na some used goods.

Mileage yake iko in the millions

Kama hujui Jared keti pale kwa corner utaelezwa.