Lil Wayne Faces 10 Years For Gun Possession


What happened to this rapper, from being colder than Cam’ron on the mic to looking like a richer Eric Omondi… Smh.

You know what fr Dupri and Avant was golden.

He openly supported orange head reelection…chicken are coming home to roost . He might hire the best attorney but the stain will be there to stay…and by the way… aliachwa na white kunguru

Lil wayne alikua sawa when he was he apo 2000s

Bado kako,last time i heard about this ninja was when rumour mill spilled he had hiv. Kuliendaje?

mshienzi aombe anko Dumbp for a pardon…but ni upuzi since kila mtu na nyanyake ana gun kadaa Florida na niwatu wa NRA…bonobo alidhani akipata pesa ni mlami…team anko dumbp

Discussing this drug addict is an insult to my intelligence

How old are you again?
Tech works wonders.

Weezy f baby!

This nigga gets like a fresh bitch every second that ain’t an issue

And the f is for phenomenal :D:D

He actually sold his masters for 100 mil. I don’t think if there’s a dumber move

That shiit was funny :smiley:

Kulikuwa na kunguru nyeupe alikipenda sana. Praised her to changing his life. Learnt all this from my eldest daughter .cc @Azor Ahai . I hope I answered your quest

Oh men for a moment I thought that your eldest daughter was Azor F Ahai. F is for faggot.

:D:D:Dhe questioned my source of this info and said that technology does wonders. So I categorically corrected him


Elder nilikuwa nimeshindwa hiyo information ulitoa wapi ukiwa Hingo

Tunechi akurudi jela tutaandama tukiwika; “TUNECHI’S LIFE MATTERS”
Last time he wrote this book… [ATTACH=full]338880[/ATTACH]

Sasa polisi wanaenda aje kwa private jet ya mtu?? That courage!! Ama racism iko top uko??

Here before he became choko-ish.