Lil Kim

Back in the day I used to have a crush on this chickdee. Yaani, she had that sex appeal mayne. Lakini nowadays she’s beat a bad one waaaah!


This is how I remember her…bitch was fine af.

Rapper Lil Kim files for bankruptcy as money woes continue
2018-06-12 12:36by Mahlohonolo Magadla Kim (PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images)

Cape Town - US rapper, Lil Kim is allegedly in major debt and has filed for bankruptcy.
According to The Blast, the Lighters Up hit-maker owes her creditors a whopping $4 million (around R52 440 000) and is planning to sell her New Jersey home to pay off the debt.
The site, which is in possession of legal documents, has also revealed that the rapper applied for bankruptcy in May, which was rejected by the trustee.

Reports by multiple sources claim that the 43-year-old offered to pay $5,500 (about R72 050) to her creditors for the next 60 months as she reportedly has an income of $18,286 (about R239 310) each month, before her expenses.
With rumours of a new album and a possible world tour in 2019 circulating, we sure hope that this will help the rapper settle her difficult financial position.

Damn! When it rains, it pours eh? Mungu amsaidie.

On another note, these African American celebrities need some serious financial management classes.

Remember MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton na wengine wengi? They all ended up broke after earning so much money in their careers.

Wameamuka these days. Nba rookies go through financial classes immediately after signing contracts .Results : Lebron diversifying his portfolio. Wajinga kama Mike Tyson screwed up . Moreso they used to trust white financial advisors na those are the ones who screwed them

Seems like she has done rhinoplasty, which looks like it failed. Wonder why our afro brothers and sisters complain much about racism , and once they make mullah will rush to acquire Caucasian features.


huyo wa kushoto si ngirita?:D:D:D:D

That was an expensive learning curve, but still. Kama umetoka ghetto, the odds are against you.
Jungu celebs fail to, but nyauthi fail hardest.

Don king screwed Tyson, pastor dollar screwed Evander holyfield

I think being a celeb is hard. To maintain public attention, a celeb needs a flashy life style which does not help.

Earning potential for many celebs esp women peaks when they are below thirty. At that age you are still rather dumb upstairs.
The other day someone posted some photos from huddahs IG showing the view from some hotel room. The good life huh?

Those celebs in social netwrk, mainstream media, showbiz, sports and music industry differ from those in many other professions in that they achieve their peak earning potential when they are very young, since their earning potential is determined by their looks and physique. The problem with that is, you get your loadshit of money when you are young and least wise in spending it. Then the earning potential plummets when you have already squandered all your money in your youthful impulsiveness.

Kwisha maneno. Next you know, unaskia watu wakikuchangia rent.

I thought its KIm Un jong wherever of noth korea

Like this TIREEED mama called VERA Sidika… I think she is past her hey days and can only now manage to land a local B class celebrity. Competition and age has excluded her from the market of Nigerians and oil tycoons…(There are some younger and curvier models now as she approaches 35). If she did not invest wisely(which i highly think)… she is going to have some tough fourtys…

You can’t blame them. 500 years of slavery and Jim Crow Apartheid will fuck anybody up.

In fact they’re very strong to survive all that.

by the way why do they insist on purchasing those massive super-mansions when they know the U.S. property taxes on them can cripple them in case their careers come to an end.

How this whole thread is missing this …shows how lame ktalk is in regards to urban culture and on some gassing up shit

Smart guys like Curtis chose to settle somewhere in Africa as their long term goal

I saw one super mansion being advertised and its property taxes alone per year would hit half a million dollars. Crazy

Rarely would you hear white athletes or musicians running broke a s blacks. …they do real asset investment, blacks do contrast. …chains, high fly cars, grills and too expensive houses as you said.

Most of them end up losing houses to the IRS. Even if it is fully paid for they end up falling back on their taxes.

boy wetu Anthony Joshua is managing his finances well

Boy wenyu na nani? Ng’ombe. Wanyama ameweka super mansion Sang’alo?