Likoni ferry victim found

Man who plunged into the Indian Ocean this morning while driving on the ramp at the Likoni crossing identified as John Mutinda, 46.

Seems like alikuwa anataka Ku beat deadline ndio wife asizushe.

Funny its a kamba again…?

Which is the other Kamba?

This one…


The other two in the ISIS.

:D:Dni excitement ya kuona maji mingi…video za bus na probox kubebwa zikipita kwa maji pia ni wakamba from wenye wanaongea kwa video…ama nawonea?

Si ule mama na mtoi wake. kwani unaishi wapi

That lady was a coastal married to a Mkamba

I thought the lady was a coastal

Jiite kitu ingine si mtadao

Kenyans are stressed wah. People don’t want to see 2020 and the way others are fighting for their lives. God have mercy on us. So painful to lose a loved one this way in the festive season. Hope they informed next of kin before announcing his name on TV. Congratulations to the agencies for the speedy response. That is the Kenya we want.

LOW IQ Negores

Naskia this will be the worst krissy ever for Kenyans juu ya usoto. Kumira kumira…uhuruto tano tena. Choices have consequences.

Mind u the same people who voted Uhuru to punish Raila are now planning to vote Ruto ati to punish Uhuru.

People never learn