Likoni ferry disaster in waiting


Utamu wa ferry ni kusukumana


Hii mhenga umejitungia…

He he…ask Coasterians…its one of their methalis wakienda hapo ferry…

Nikama nimeona wakipigana.

[SIZE=7]Coasterian[/SIZE] ni kusema nini sasa ?

Serial [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]rubbist detected.

Hatuko shule omwami.


How many days before we here of a stampede?

Crossing Likoni is such a headache. Sasa motorists heading to south coast are going to get stuck in their cars for the next 3+ hours.

Shithole manenos

Monkey business

Subsaharan Africans and their IQ levels. Na kuna nugu inajiita ferry manager ama director


Whenever I hear Uuuuuwi I laugh.

The work on that new bridge needs to accelerated.

Making a meal out of a small problem.
This is a management issue that can easily be solved.

The ferry has a human capacity of say 15 tons, then you know the average weight (over-dimensioned)
@75kg=> 200 passengers

Create multiple paddocks with a capacity of 200 souls each, equipped with electric gate.
The gate shuts automatically once the passenger limit is reached.

kenya is a failed state

Hapo si mapinji wamejaa sana