Likoni Cable Cars Express: Jubilee Development

Construction works for the Sh5.8 billion Likoni Cable Cars Express project is set to start next week; completion is expected to take two years.
The project, the first of its kind in Kenya, is slated to be the first commuter Aerial Cable Car system in Sub-Saharan Africa.
(itakua kitu kaa hii)[ATTACH=full]180019[/ATTACH]
yet another landmark for Mombasa

Inabeba watu wangapi …na hao high will it be …kuulizia watu wako na height phobia

Hii Mombasa iitwe Jubilee Mombasa. The projects there are too many. Port expansion, Dongo Kungu phase 2/3, Mariakani to Mombasa CBD 3 lane dual highway, Northern bypass, Nyali bridge 2, Mwenza bridge, Mwache bridge, Likoni bridge, Dongo Kungu SEZ industrial park, Port Reitz Chinese industrial park and finally I hear the immediate former kibarani dampsite that has been cleared will now be the proposed Mombasa Stadium site.

gojea @spear aje na specs

conductor anakaa wapi, kuna kushuka njiani, kuna kusema bado wawili ijae…

well well well, this is news to me, if its the case then we shall have to reclaim some land from the creek ndio stadium itoshee na vijitoto viake viote including parking

2 years that means it will take 6 years. Atleast Mombasa gov is trying to work. Nairobi gov has been on vacation for 5 years. I am seeing absolutely nothing being built in Nairobi not even a single street lamp. I wish Nairobi public transport was built before SGR, they said prices of goods will drop after SGR but every thing is still the same price, I have never used SGR & am not going to use it anytime soon. so much more commuters have to deal with annoying Nairobi public transport everyday.

Itatosha 20 acres is enough.

Nairobi should be under national gov like Washington DC. We have too many uneducated burukenges in this city they will just keep electing loud foolish clowns to the governorship, we have no hope till Nairobi population is halved.

Spear, ni kundu, as in Dongo Kundu.
Repeat after me, Kundu :D:D:D

30 people at a go and will take 5 mins to cross the channel. However you can have 10-20 cable cars on the double line moving in schedule. The scenery up there will be incredible and therefore it will be a magnet tourist attraction

It hard to remove the villager from me. Asante.

Na bado watatuchenga. Hawa watu,SMH

at a cost of 20 bob per ride, Hope wampe @blackguards kazi ya kutemesha watu mogoka wakiingia hizo cabs

Stima ikipotea kuna back up generators ama

Lazima, hiyo atausiulize, even it has 2nd and third auxiliary power lines.

ahahaha eeii. unaongea like Jubilee is doing Msa a favour ! :D:D
The locals pay various forms of taxes, taxes from service industry & tourism and finally taxes collected by KPA.
Coasterians deserve these projects

Sasa ile maneno ya kujifinya kwa wanawake hadi kumwaga kwa kivukio cha likoni kupungua ?:D…its a creepy habit lakini inakaa kitu yule msee wa late night poles anaweza fanya :D:D

sparta atakuwa wa kwanza kukamuana uko juu

That is correct, this is not a favor everyone pays taxes these projects should be going on everywhere. Why are central towns like Nyeri, Muranga or the whole of Nyandarua so neglected. Only a fraction of tax revenues are used for development the rest is stolen, there is enough money for more projects hii sio favor.