Likes of Crazy Dude and Flash Gordon .

What could have happened to these die hard government bloggers who really kept Klist updated with every move the government was making. The duo used to post every photo of the C. I. C in every function he attended. Could it be their services were terminated and the incoming 36bloggers given their job.? The duo were spreading tribal hatred like some are currently doing in this site. I suspect the two are still in these site but under disguise of different handles. What is your take talkers?

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@Ubongo =@kunguni the pilot= @crazydude


Wacha kutusumbua New villager Meffi ya umbwa ile ilikunia kwa aviator


just passing by…

we unajua flash gordon kweli? alikuwa anapost thise funny pics akitag listers i think unamconfuse na one @thirdman


Yeah at thirdman.

Fmungai…mundunyee…kate yule ngombe…

they used to lift the photos from PSCU(sp) digital account from twitter and Facebook its not like they had first hand information. hii ndio shida ya kujua tu porn sites, google na klist.


In the last few weeks a swarm of new villagers has descended on Ktalk. Coincide i think not. Its either Elders getting new handles or new recruits coming to try change the narrative.


Or it could be the guys who left this village in a huff for the new village with a similar name. Now that their new home has been deserted save for Nefmatiti and a certain atheist, they are coming back tactfully.


flash was a lot of things but not an inciter, though at some point he started becoming very disillusioned

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@spear I am as old as when this site started after the late Fidel passed on. It’s only that I have been on the oblivion. It’s my wish we be giving tribute to Wanderi every February. This site is a product of his demise.

Spreading tribalism. I stopped reading at that, You people are allergic to facts and hate when a person counters your allegations with facts and pictures/documents.

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crazydude would delete your comment so it looked like he was speaking to himself. you could never have any form of discussion with him so i wonder who he countered with facts


Not all people are blessed with a hard skin. We all respond differently to abuses. Most used to abuse him.

this is the Internet you take things serious you wont survive.



He did not tolerate criticism especially akiwekwa on the spot.

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Ona kupatikana