Lightyear Launches "World's First Production-Ready" FULLY Solar-Powered Car

Dutch startup Lightyear has unveiled its Lightyear 0 electric car that has solar panels covering its roof, bonnet and boot so that it can be charged while driving.
In total five square metres of curved solar panels were integrated into the Lightyear 0 car’s roof, bonnet and tailgate, which will convert renewable solar energy into electric power for driving.
The car is powered by traditional electric charging and solar power, meaning people would be able to drive while simultaneously charging from sunlight.
The company intends to start delivering the car, which it describes as “the world’s first production-ready vehicle”, in November at a cost of €250,000 (£215,000).

Through Lightyear 0, we are offering a new future for motorists who want the freedom of mobility with the peace of mind of sustainable energy, and that future starts now," said the brand.
“After six years of research and development, design, engineering, prototyping and testing, this premier solar car is slated to go into production this fall.”


Measuring five metres long and weighing 1,575 kilograms, the four-wheeled sedan, which has a top speed of 160 kilometres per hour can accommodate five passengers.
Lightyear 0’s body is made from panels of reclaimed carbon fibre and aluminium. Instead of mirrors, Lightyear 0 has four cameras: one for rearview, one for parking and two side cameras.

it has been on testing sijui for how long

Upuzi mtupu. Sisi ni watu wa internal combustion engine

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