Lightskin Walitoka Wapi

That’s our original colour down at the coast.

Portuguese, Germans, Italianos, Englishmen, Arabs and Swahilis found us that way.

Black Dutch or the Mulengoes. Way lighter than the Omani’s.

Most coastal people are Bantus, and were originally dark-skinned

Good info man.

On my mom side they are all lightskins from muranga she used to tell me some of her cousins were very light ungedhani ni pointy …on my late grandfather burial i saw his half brothers tumzee beard ni white lakini walight …my uncles hair is curly kama ya wasomali

Asked around i was told our great great great grandfather was an Arab
I’m brownskin that’s how strong that lightness is still is despite my dad being dark

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That’s not how genes work. Huyo si babako :expressionless:

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You have an IQ of…no, you don’t have an IQ…


We are Arabs

While kamau was working on the farms or in the mau mau camps,njeri was busy being serviced by sir Thompson and co under the mugumo tree.genetically,a lot of light skinned kiuks and to some extent other bantu tribes where the white man found the climate favourable and inhabited have Caucasian blood in their genes. The areas where the white man and Arab did not reside utapata the real black African like pokots rendille turkanas kama @gaza . The luos have the luhyas and abagusii women to thank for diluting their charcoal hue. Not that being black is bad anyway…
so much for the pure blood nonsense


Ata wewe unaezi ndinya mtu anaonga na mkojo ya ng’ombe. it’s about where they found hygienic people not climate

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@cortedivoire hapo anapanua cheeks and you know what he does next…


Last time i went to visit my grandmother…alishangaa kuniona she said nikama ameona mtoto wake just the lighter version

I’m the exact copyright of my dad …mapua yangu runs in their side you can easily tell

watu wanaogopa kusema lightskin ilitoka from rape by whites against natives. It was rampant in kiambu areas.


Umbwaaa… bloody fucking komba mwiko

SoG tulia sina ubaya

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