Lightskin Walitoka Wapi

Ruring’u stadium, Nyeri in 1963

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Kukulana na waarabu


The omani Arabs weren’t that light. The Portuguese pale fort Jesus would have been the genesis

/Intermarriage with the Cushites from NEP and the lightskinned Nilotic clans. Wazungu rarely bred with African natives so that doesn’t make sense

They did, a lot. Check your history @ChifuMbitika.


Your answer is in the picture. Under direct sunlight, with the camera qualities of those days, lightness of skin is muffled. Also remember that picture was originally in black and white. Colors are added by processing.
If you look closely, you can see different shades of brown.


Hawa sio shiny walai. Must be Kavirondo.

I see very dark people in Nyeri all the damn time…. borderline Sudanese dark :joy:. Where does this stereotype that shiny eyes are light skin come from? It’s very 50:50 in terms of light:dark ratio uko shiny eye land.


Walikwua wana watch nini hasa…juu okuyus hawananga interest in football kabisa.


World cup finals


Hehe, nyinyi huwa hamna interest in sports kabisa, yani your people hu turn 20 wanawachana na sports. In my team kuna mkikuyu mmoja na nikama aliwacha kufika grao. Hata wakamba na kisii wako ivo, the other tribes siko sure.


We have serious teams huko grassroots nowadays. And European club football is now a fad countrywide

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Huko NEP majority wanakuwanga pia dark. Hawa wanawake wao unaonaga Nairobi ni kubleach huwa wamebleach. Hakuna watu hubleach in this country kama women from NEP. They feel the urge to resemble the Arabs.


Yea, the Portuguese and Jews were not that white huko kitambo BTW.

All Europeans are white even South Europeans. The reason most Southern Europeans i.e Portuguese, Italians and the Spanish are not considered white is because they were once ruled by the Moors from North Africa who were black and with intermarriages going on a large number of people born from intermarriages were brown. They are still white. A typical African cant even differentiate between a Portuguese, a Mexican, an America and even an Arab. Wakikuja Kenya tutasema wote ni wazungu.

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Enyewe wakikuyu wakiamua ni DNA, some of these sii called billionaires will found out they dont have a legitimate hier. Yani bwana anasura kama ya Rigathi na bibi anafanana na wale warembo wa @digi but unapata mtoto anafanana na beyonce

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from nyeri and kirinyaga come some of the blackest kikuyus who ever walked the earth.

Its not even 50/50. Most shiny eyes are dark not light. The only difference is that they have a higher percentage of light skins than other tribes generally. By the way Kisiis, Taitas, and Kambas also have many light skins.


Skincare products, soft life and avoidance of the sun.

Light skin nyambura hawezi kosa hapo