Lighter refills

Am looking for refills for ordinary and/or zippo lighters.Anyone ideas on places in or around Nairobi I can find such a place ?

No. We use Rhino Kubwa.



Bruh,you gorra upgrade …


depends on the age bruv.i collect zippo since waaaaay back but i don’t smoke,they are a classic

chandarana supermarket Yaya,ukikosa ,ulizia kwa hio duka place ya next

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Can you be willing to sell them or they like have sentimental value ?

Thanks bruh,will check it out once am down there …

unfortunately no

check these bad boys out however

I also have a zippo lighter that needs gas as well as the ‘fire stick’ Any leads would be appreciated.

I will weigh in my options and decide what’s easier …gracias señor …

De nada

are you using zippo blu? if so,ordinary gas lighter filler will work,check chandarana,wako na gas na lighter fluid,285_.jpg

No. It came with the bottom one lighter fluid. What about the thingy that lights up. Is it called flint?

[ATTACH=full]143028[/ATTACH]Flint it is.

kuna mahali niliona electric ones za kucharge

There’s a place in town where you can buy the zippo fluid refill in full cans. I got mine @smokeshop254 on instagram.

@smokeshop254 on instagram, got mine from them

Ulipatanga btw???