Light at the end of the Ngong Hills Tunnel - SGR

Muchina has finally managed to bore through the Ngong tunnel. At least now the workers can start breathing a bit better down there.

People can say whatever they want about the SGR but this will prove to be one of the best infrastructure project Kenya has ever undertaken.


umeskia gathecha akitumia a word you only hear in Greece and Argentina and the word is : AUSTERITY. Austerity measures. A very dirty word. Yaani ni kubaya. Ni kundialala.

Scrapping off a police force unit. Raising taxes. Canceling trips. Canceling govt. housing and police housing projects. Yaani ni kubaya!!

Na hio SGR itakuwa inabeba mizigo gani hio???

Ati ikifika border ya Kenya na Uganda tena mnatoa mnawekelea juu ya lorry… na ati ni mwenye bidhaa atalipia hio ujinga yote?!

This is what the white man called a white jumbo.

It’s too early to call out the Jubilee govt. on SGR, bookmarking this reply to be used against an egg on face patco in the future.

Once upon a time the British Govt appropriated funds to build a railway line from Mombasa to Uganda. At that time, it was labeled a railway to nowhere, a white elephant. There was no cities or industries in the interior. But the railway was built amid fierce opposition both here and the UK. And cities were born. New towns. New industries were created.

Nairobi then was a village. A swampy village with no future. But look where Nairobi is today. Look at Nakuru, look at Kisumu.

In 2018 it’s a bit different, we have cities and many small towns. That small Suswa township where the SGR passes will grow to a city in 50yrs to come. Kisumu of the future will be an industrial powerhouse in ways we can’t imagine today.

And we will build more railways to connect every county.


prophet of doom

hata kanisa walisema juzi aende pole pole asiangushe gari, juu hata wao wanaona iko shida. Rome was not built in a day, and definitely not with insane loans.

cities and towns grew but railway floundered completely. railway indeed remained a white jumbo.

Repeat past.

It floundered because of mismanagement and years of neglect that made it fall out of favor. Surely if it could take 12-16hrs to ride the passenger train from Mombasa to Nairobi, and that’s if you are lucky the locomotives didn’t stall; it became clear that a new modern railway is needed.

Let’s just ensure that once the Chinese hand over in 10years, KR will not run down this piece of key infrastructure as they did with the old railway until it was concessed away to private investors.

Aptly referred to then as The Lunatic Express.

Austerity?!! Ni kubaya!

Austerity is best because now people will actually think for themselves rather than believing what your tribal leaders tell you. When a whole mp tells you mzaane kama panya so you can grow your community and you buy into that then it shows just how gullible most of the populace is .

Also, should the Kenyan economy suffer a recession or depression it will only serve as a means to transfer wealth. Not all will flounder even if darkness descends on the nation.

Repeat past, expect new.

See, right there, you are already predicting a presumptive future from past experiences.

‘Priorities my dear Watson! Priorities!’ I imagine that faggy Briton detective would put it. Were best priorites considered from the get go? Putting in mind of course that initial partners in the SGR pulled out thus rendering the project irrelevant?

Why then proceed? Were there no other better more deserving initiatives?!

Again comes into mind the STATUS QUO, est. 1963. And their old adage: Proceed without ever consulting citizen or his immediate needs.

So citizen will now seat back and watch as leader washes the proverbial duck’s feet.

A young man inherits a house from his dearly departed pa. Boy moves in with his wife and children. The house had a kshs. 1 million mortgage but with the thriving family business which the boy also inherited from his pa, he can easily clear the mortgage in a few months.

The boy wants to prove himself. Make a name for himself like his dad. So he decides to start a new business with his friends: a Luxury chauffeur business. After doing the budgeting his friends soon say they’ve got no money… didn’t have rich papa’s like our dear boy. Maybe another day.

Our dear boy with zero sense borrows a huge loan from the bank and purchases an expensive Mercedes limousine and goes into business on his own. He soon realizes that the returns are not what he expected and that the family business can’t repay back the loan for the fancy car.

Bank comes a calling and the boy tells or rather lies to his own kids, “Kids you’ll have to move to a cheaper school and go without lunch from now on because my dad, your grandfather, left us a huuuuge mortgage on this house! Oh and I also need your lunch money to fuel the Mercedes which I cant sell because no one out there will buy a used 8 door Mercedes!”

let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the people developing electric trucks and buses, and cars don’t start selling here in the next 10 years, because that will make that sgr the most expensively built, free jog path for the people living next to it.

The SGR railway with be here for 100 years but some critics are too much in a hurry to call it a failure. Within a year of launch of SGR passenger service, 1.5 million Kenyans used it. Great success. Within 6 months of SGR freight service, its doing 8 trains service on either end of Nairobi and Mombasa transporting containers only taking away 960 trucks from the highway. Great success already at 25% capacity. SGR efficiency is forcing a lot of structural changes at KPA port involving all stakeholders. As a result cargo is cleared faster and transported faster increasing revenues. Right now SGR cargo is now handling general cargo as well and that’s more revenue coming through. Within next year sane time the narrative will change from critical to taking forced credit from this project. In the next 9 months expect more announcement of SGR SEZ industrial zones. Now that they have taken Dongo Kungu SEZ from JICA you should expect Naivasha SEZ amongst others.

Come on! That is not how it works!

people are not saying wat they want. people are saying tge the reality. soma basic economics young man. the country has been auctioned to foreigners. they own all the factors of production in our country. kenyans control only labour, na mchina anakuja na yake.

I learned there is a railway line… From China to London…

It’s comprised of different gauges of railway line… Yet somehow their trains pass through…

It is very easy tp verify this. Can you name these factors of production and the foreigners who own them?