Lifecycle Pollution Of EVs Is Greater Than That Of ICE Cars

Electric cars may generate no tailpipe emissions but the manufacture of the vehicles and batteries do still contribute to carbon emissions.

So, just how clean are BEVs, and how do they stack up against traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars that run on petrol or diesel?

Life cycle emissions are those created by the production, use, and disposal of a product; so for an electric car, everything from the raw materials, and the battery power sources to the recycling and reuse of the vehicle at the end of life must be accounted for.

The extraction, refinement, transportation, and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries is a very energy-intensive process which means that emissions are higher in the production phase of battery electric cars compared to an ICE car.


Oil is king. The energy density in 1 drop of oil sourced fuel is way beyond what same capacity/size battery can offer.


Halafu wazungu wanatuambia clean mara green mara electric vehicles na angalia environmental degradation huko Congo vs oil extraction nowadays