Today I sat n asked mahself, what’s humanity ?
Is it all about helping losers and the poor in society ?
Cant humanity be living the best of yah dreams , travelling here in there a trip to the moon or even a chance to pay for live premier League matches n care less about the less fortunate coz life is short …
Or just spend the little u get to treat yahself with some nice not very hot supu na kichwa mzima ya mbuzi na pilipili kadhaa as u worry less…

@MachaaWaHadithi I joined this forum juu ya hekaya zako banae but of late umekuwa silent sana…lakini wacha tu tuhope all is well na utazileta tu

Niko tiktok napeana hekaya one on one search @mwalimumacharia hapo tiktok

I joined this village to slander the likes of kina @Agwambo @poyoloko and @MBOMB

You joined this village so that @uwesmake can smell your toes…na kisogo.