Life Ya Diaspora

Wenye mko majuu, is this documentary true?

Yes it’s true.

Diaspora ni mingi. You mean the USA? And why do you ask…


I mean the US of A because that’s what the documentary is about. I asked to expand my knowledge.

Huko ni California. That state needs to be part of Mexico. Life is soo expensive and also so many bullshit laws. Sijui wakenya hu survive aje huko. Place ni hot and dry ni kama desert. Overpopulation and congestion ndio zao. Fůck California.

Any questions in particular? Because America is VAST so a few peoples experiences in California cannot be replicated across the country.

If you wanna know more perhaps you should come here in person.

Ooops! kupewa visa ni ngori. :D:D

Si wewe hudhani uko mbinguni  :D:D:DSmh

On a serious note, America can be tough especially if you don’t have a good career, have a drug addiction and/or criminal record.

Niko uko July kutembea…


You must be fiftieth person to post this video since last year.

Nikikuja nitaenda Texus!

Speak of what you know, California is the 7th largest economy in the world !!!
California literally carries poorer States on it’s back!!

Having a warm climate and a strong economy, it draws people from all other states.
Arizona, Nevada and Texas are hotter than CA . All those are facts.

How about visiting before all the hullabaloo? I live in California and those laws were written to ensure that the citizens are protected against exploitation, discrimination and enjoy their rights. It is not perfect but I would say California is a pioneer of the American rights system. Was it not for California, marijuana would be illegal, LGTB would face discrimination(I don’t care about it), racism would be norm, cars would be polluting the environment e.t.c.
In short, California is progressive but not perfect and there is lots of inequality due to more haves than have nots. San Francisco is exploding with millionaires/billionaires and this pushes even hard-working people to homelessness since what they make at work is not enough for rent. For example near the Giants Stadium and new Warriors Stadium, a studio(32m2) rents for $3200 a month( Luxury Apartments San Francisco | The Mariposa | Gallery ).

Expensive? It depends on what you do…A Google Engineer and a McDonald’s worker will have different views on what’s expensive? I have friends making $ 500 K a year and with no savings, since they live in SF downtown…on the other hand, I know people making 100K a year and living in the suburbs and living the life…Life my fren ni kujipanga. Visit anytime and after that form an OPINIION>

Where in California are you visiting?

I think the best place for any kenyan to live in America is in dallas texas

Tuko huko for Rugby LA Sevens at the end of the month!
Wacha ujinga visa sio that hard to get these days!

If you see the type of squalor millions Kenyans live in, poor people abroad have alot more going for them. Kenya is the best place to live if you have money. The absolute bestest. The weather is fabulous for most of the year. There’s places you can live and never experience cold weather ever again. I just love it here. If the good governance would improve the prospects for all Kenyans it’d be a paradise. So many expatriates relocate to Kenya after relocating back once their contract is over . They absolutely love it here.