Life Was Tough Aisee

Let talk about gambling, karata. I was a student. Nikachangiwa 9k for University fee. I used 1500 for fare. I was left with 7500. I was going to make 22K Easy money or so I thought…

According to the guy in charge, you won tripple of your bet. So, I tried 200, I got 600. I tried 600, I got 1800. By now my cash was growing. I tried 1k, I got 3k. At this stage, I decided to put in all my money, 7500 times three, a whooping 22500. It would pay my whole balance! Hapo ndo nilijua karata si mama yangu! Kalienda! A sympathiser gave me 500 (huwa nashuku walikuwa crew moja alikuwa ananitoa hapo nisilete kelele) for my fare to college! I survived on bursary(free soup) and ugali left overs given by a kind cook, after selling the best to the cash loaded students. I went to the Mess(college cafeteria) last, for this purpose. In the 2nd month, I couldn’t take it, I stormed at the Deans office and pleaded for any help. She availed bursary and a part time job at the institution where I earned 2500 per month. That is how I survived college!

Na hivo ndio mimi huskia mtu ananiambie gambling sijui sportpesa naskia msisimuko wa kabaridi kwa mgongo



mara kwa mara huwa tunasema we gamble what we can afford to lose

:D:D ulijua hujui. Mimi nilikula/lewa pesa ya rent nilikuwa nalala kwa ofisi ya students union.

Once you come to believe there’s no easy cash then you won’t put your mind on it… even if you bet, eka kitu unajua uko comfortable kulose… kwanza hizi adverts za ati mtu badala ya kununua ndizi ya 20bob aeke shabiki… useless adverts ka ferry ya Mtongwe

wacha niweke kabet iive kesho morning,under 2.5 ya teams za brazil.