Life was good back then before AIDS

Yaani you just walk to your age mate’s crib, stick your spear into the ground, go inside and dry fry his wife.

That can’t be entirely accurate. Where did you get this info from?
Not unless uko na death wish.

Inaeza kuwa ni mkoloni alitengeneza hio rumour. Juu hio spear umewacha hapo nje itaingizwa kwa mkundu yako design moja na vile @kanguthu hutombwa matina na @Wanaruona .

Kama kutomba daughter ya mtu ilikuwa death sentence in many African communities na je kutomba bibi ya mtu?

Na ujue grudge za zamani hazikuwa zinaisha haraka. Families used to fight for generations because of one simple grudge. Unaskia the family of Macharia will never talk to or marry into the family of Kamotho.

Ati you leave a spear like that and you climb a mans wife , while he is out hunting impalas. You must be nuts. You will find your liver pierced before you get to the third threshold.

The ninjas were strongly bonded by blood coz they got circumcised on the same day by the same knife.

That bond naskianga is stronger ata kuliko ya brothers so kukuliana mabibi wasn’t a big deal.


There was a specific reason that made a man leave his spear on your doorstep and bomoa his wife. If I remember correctly it was because the married couple were unable to get a child for one reason or another. Being childless was always considered like a curse and so this was a last ditch effort to ensure your family name would continue even though it was another man’s seed ingeiendeleza. The spear was a public sign that it was not an act of infidelity but that the ninja had permission and consent from the married couple to do what he was doing. He was thus free from any wrongdoing.

Hizi sweeps mazee:D:D