Life Lessons

Always front to back

Mimi I was taught the female nature when a chick I spent my money on,Spent all my time on and Stayed loyal to.Went ahead to cheat on me and got an STD.I was unlucky since by the time I knew it I had already gotten it.To make matters worse she didnt want to go to hosi to get checked up.Eventually she even broke up with me for very stupid reasons.Now I just avoid sex and women.I don’t even plan on getting children,or getting married.Whats the point of loving someone only for them to give you an std?

Unless something very painful or life changing happens to them

Unless she is your daughter

Be easy boss. STDs watu hupata, wana tibiwa na kazi ina endelea.

Zingine hata ukitibiwa unabaki tu nayo for life.Then you imagine having to tell all women you want that uko nayo.If you get an understanding one still you’ll have to face the risk of complicating her sexual life.

This is the most important of all. Always have your own back

Wow, the wisdom here is enormous.
Big ups folks.

  1. I have learnt never to trust every person that i meet, be it financially, socially or whatever.
  2. Tenda wema nenda zako, lower your expectations of people
  3. Life is short, have fun and do whatever pleases you.
  4. Travel as wide as you can, the earth is a very beautiful planet.
  5. Share your love with those that love you, be they your kids, parents
  6. Always have some money for back up, things can go south any moment.

Take care of your body or else it’ll take its revenge later in life.

I have learnt that Kunguru ni kunguru tu

Hawafugiki hata kwa dawa! …damn!

Vile aunt yangu @TrumanCapote amesema hapo juu.

the trifecta of things talkers like. No wonder huna likes :D:D:D

-Always have an open mind. Do not be rigid in your thinking
-Diversify your investments
-Learn new skills and adapt to changing times
-Healthcare is expensive. get adequate cover i.e. NHIF plus any other. when things go wrong that money runs out fast

Always take care of number 1; yourself.

Hata sikujua nilinena hifi. now you have taught me right back.

So, life lesson: Always share knowledge. It might come back to you as a lesson.

With all these valuable life lessons, we have something to gain and I would like to throw in a favourite quote of mine to this effect:

“All we see of someone at any moment is a snapshot of their life, there in riches or poverty, in joy or despair. Snapshots don’t show the million decisions that led to that moment.” ~ Richard Bach

Haha, for some reason that sentence resonated with me ever since, I’ve never forgotten it.

Plus it is something you see every day out there

I think that the best life lesson you have only then when has a big problem. Sorry for that but only big and real problems make you take off the pink glasses. Also, it is important to follow some lessons. They will help you to organize your life and make you responsible. I have a friend who has piano lessons in Singapore and to be honest he has changed a lot. Now he tells that piano lessons made him listen to everything and everyone. He doesn’t judge he just listens to and makes conclusions. So try to take some instrumental lessons.