Life Lessons

Since I came to this city, I have learned many life lessons. Here are a few. Feel free to add.

  1. Never loan anyone cash above 5k without security. People have zero incentive of paying back unless you have something that belongs to them.
  2. Never do business with relatives. Never!
  3. Never mix pussy with business. Don’t fuck customers or employees and pray for the business to succeed.
  4. Single mothers are for sex only. Never have a relationship with one.
  5. Kunguru hafugiki.
  6. Never share business secrets/never disclose your business income.
  7. Avoid carrying/withdrawing large sums of cash. Do bank transfers. It can get you killed.
  8. Never invest in a depreciating asset. Matatu wachia vichwa ngumu.
  9. If she is a broke single mother, and she is neither a squeeze, customer or relative don’t be her friend. She will ask for money SOON

number 3 nimetomba customers mob sanaa but wenye wako na tangible collateral .

Lakini biashara sio yako. You are an employee wa bank. Hebu try kwa biz yako

Don’t be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust.

don’t pay for a product you haven’t seen and always pay with an exact amount being asked for

Number 1 ni kweli kapsaa.

No 1. For 6K, what security can you possibly demand? A handbag, perhaps? A suit? Brazilian weave?

Something important to them… And almost the same price too

Ati same price? No. Double the price. Otherwise akitaka kuuza kitu atakuwa anakuletea anakosa kulipa. For 6k unaleta i-phone ama laptop

Mimi nilioa single matha na hatukuwa na shida yoyote. Shida ilianzia vile nilianza kumplay. Kwanza ubaya nilikamua employee wetu kwa duka.



  1. There is a disconnect between what people want to hear, and the truth. Often, they don’t want to hear the truth. If someone asks you for advice, tell them what they want to hear, not the truth. #manipulation 101

What happens when you go for those ouy if town jobs…and you have your female employees… Una kamua tuu…

  1. Never trust Fundi wa tiles on stairs non-slip tiles.

I always insist on a logbook or a title deed regardless of the amount. Sometimes i ask for a written guarantee from his/her parents. Chasing debt is too frustrating.

Cant a logbook be replaced?


Apo kwa relatives I agree… Those tunaitaga swara

Unaka risk taker