Life is precious

…for this to happen[ATTACH=full]70051[/ATTACH]

Hizo mawe ndio zinashikilia a whole flat?

Hoping that no one is still living there…

This is just genius…wow !!

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Sinkhole things. Would have been avoided had he made building foundations deep enough…

Or if the building was not built on a swamp like area


Waaah. Very sad

But@Okiya said the building is salvageable.

Yeah. they didnt dig in proper. Maybe they used depth rather than getting to the right type of soil or stone.

Interesting. That owner thinks that will solve the problem?

Hopefully people have evacuated.

Very right. And the result of not doing so is watching helplessly as your investment sinks in slow motion…

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Those rocks will be pulverized!

Tuff one

Read somewhere that the building can be salvaged, I’m not an expert.