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Watu wa KWS inafaa wapige kambi hapa warudishe wanyama wa pori porini

Najua most african women become like this especially coz of childbearing lakini how is a man supposed to enjoy this seriously?
Anyway one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Fat women.
I can never and will never entertain a fat woman.

Izo Sura ni za Western zote

Leta petites uone vyenye tutajaa uku

Boss …
There is no shortage of BBW Booty on this Planet … :smiley:



This one looks perfect…

@rexxsimba u can now enjoy twelvesome

Boss …
I keep saying here …
1GB Ass is for the Juveniles , Hyenas and Equipment Challenged membership in here …

Serious BBW Booty is for seasoned the Elders … :smiley: :smiley:


I see HBP, diabetes, heart diseases and stroke. There is no pleasure in being fat and obese especially if it’s preventable. Luckily Coronavirus is dealing with that naturally.