Life is beautiful

I get annoyed by little things, but I’m continuously reminded me how basic happiness is.
Washing my hands in the sink and getting pissed that I have to fish those stupid little Kinderjoy toys from the strainer so the water can go.
Finding my favorite sneakers stripped of their laces and inner soles, coz someone thinks saa hii tuko karibu kutoshana.
Getting to a meeting only to find that the hole one sheppart chewed through my saddle, let in rain water and now there’s a suspicious wet patch on the seat of my khaki pants and the client thinks I peed myself.
After a long day, finding that someone forgot to refill the ice cube thingy so I have to do my last tot of WD40 without rocks.
Stepping away from a bike for one minute, then I return to find my insulating tape gone…and you can’t waterboard a dog.

Yesterday I got bit by a sheppart that I held in my palm exactly a year ago. If I had the correct shoes I’d have converted her mpaka huko where kungurus ought to live… but isorait. I guess it’s my fault for naming her Gemma (only those who’ve watched Sons Of Anarchy will relate).

But life is good.
Whatever it is, shit could get worse. This is actually a good time to live. Today is a good day. Live it as such.
The only thing I’m not likely to forgive is if the neighbour’s mongrel managed to cross over during mating season.
Hiyo naua aki ya nani.

Hehe, makanika huna usingizi, anyway, under religion and spirituality? Nice though…life is beautiful indeed.

Kuna siku kasheppart kalirarua sneaker yangu moja nilishindwa kuinyorosha

Are you getting all sentimental elbaldo. Relax the rains will go away and your hole saddled sadle wont be an issue any more

WD40 imepandia mshipa ile direct. Nice refelections Makanika! Those are beautiful sheppartlets.

My sheppart bit me buda.
Sentiments lasima…

Nenda udungwe sindano ya rabbies/rabies . You never know :smiley:

Jateso, the dogs are clean.

In Murang’a cowndy @old monk -ies bit their crops, they turned them into a dwyfwy delicacy… i dont know if the same approach would suffice in your case

This is an elitist problem.
Makali ni kuchapa flush alafu unateremsha na maji warm kama chaser.
Ask ile ng’ombe ya Kimilili vile yeye humeza gibleys.

That’s a capital offense

Dogs don’t bite their humans.

Iko sida mahali?

You need to meet the 3 generations of this bitch.
Even getting the mother to mate was a problem.

niuzie guok achiel…

Nitaleta WD nichukue hiyo sheppart imevaa socks:D:D:D:D…


Umenitusi but ni sawa tu

Niaje mteso

Hapana matusi.
Hata Ogiek amekubali.

Stop being cantankerous,makanika

Look at you going all mellow and philosophical…how the fuck am i going to insult you now? :rolleyes: