Life in the day of Kenyan girl working in Qatar

Life in the day of Kenyan girl working in Qatar

Very hard working lady. Then you find her relatives begging her money for party yet they sleep 10 hours a night while she does 4hrs

Absolutely. Anyone eating money from such a hard worker is cursed.

Then the naive ones send all their earnings to their relatives for investment. :frowning:

Kitu funny I always trusted my mother during my prime days nobody else…

Most mothers are trustworthy but they do not have financial sense at all…some just get overwhelmed by the amount of money they receive from their kids abroard and end up misusing it.

Many moms have squandered their kids money, dads too. It’s better to keep it and take time off to come do developments coz when it comes to money you can not trust anyone

I guess I was lucky

Yes, you were, dont do it again

There was once a story of a mother who took funds from her daughter in UK and squandered with a young boy. When she came back thinking she will get her houses… only to find not only house but not even land

When it’s your mother it hurts double. It’s not even the money, it’s the betrayal and her loving someone else or herself more than she loves you. Growing up I had a strained relationship with my mom and it was so painful for me, though things changed and she became my best friend I can commiserate how hard it is when you are not on good terms with your mom. It’s even better to be swindled by your dad than your mom.

Some mothers can be sly too. There was this mother who was sent funds to buy a “smart” phone as “befits” the mother of one who is majuu. She looked at the 35k in her Mtesa account and decided no way she was spending all those chums on a phone. What does she do? She kept her mulika mwizi, posed with the display oppo model and sent it to her child majuu. Wacha the daughter now wants her mother to join whattsup so she can have live vodeo chats with her grandkids. That is when the “fan hit the shit”