Life in Saudi Arabia


I think women ndio hupatana na the bad side. Men survive.

Who forces these morons to go to Saudi Arabia? Hizi stories zimekuwa kwa media since 2002. I personally don’t sympathize with these people.

wewe humbwer hujawai lala njaa na sio kwa kuwa mvivu ni kazi you can talk like greek we say mundu muhutu gutiri atangita maitu(loosely translated when a person is hungry they can call anyone their mother ata kama ni yeye aliua wazazi wake

  1. They go because there are no opportunities in .ke they are not morons

  2. Out of the 1000s that are there, there are only 2 or 3 incedents of employer cruelty problems a year and the media makes them look like all the 1000s suffer the same cruelty…and the average .ke fool believes it to the extent of calling them morons.

  3. There 1000s who have worked on saudi and managed to uplift themselves and there whole families.


They enjoy the money alone, why should I care about their suffering if their gamble doesn’t pan out?? They knew the job was dangerous and they would have enjoyed the fruits alone - they should also bear the risks alone wawache kusumbua raia. People have a bad habit of taking stupid risks and then expecting sympathy when they get unlucky and when the risks pay off they enjoy the money silently.

You take the risk to go there, fine. But don’t expect any sympathy from guys like me if you are unlucky. After all, if you got lucky, nobody would have heard about it except your close relatives and friends.

Men are raped by those gay arabs but it’s too humiliating to admit.

[SIZE=5]Kenyan residing in Persian Gulf @kush yule mnono has been oddly quiet. :([/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Maybe Abdul confiscated his smartphone. :oops::oops:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Abdul suguliwa hips na @uwesmake utulie! :mad::mad::mad:[/SIZE]

Waache kuendea majob za umbochiste pump attendant or watchmen

You clearly don’t understand what racism is… na hii ignorance ndio inamaliza waafrika and it’s embarrassing…

Being treated like a slave without physical harm doesn’t change the fact that you are still a slave…

if someone limits your freedoms , let’s say …kwa nyumba yake for months , what’s the difference between you and their pet dog…fikirianga saa zingine

99@% of those who work in Saudi are not complaining and you don’t hear of them, you only hear of the ones that get mistreated/killed several times a year.

Have you ever seen a news item about Kenya’s who make it good in saudi ?

Go to tiktok and search for the many many Kenyans in saudi showing off how they live and work via daily updates


@LuandaMagere you will find a few tiktoks of them showing off developments they have accomplished back home.

Some of them do those videos specifically to counter the stupid ideas fools like you have ati all kenyans working in saudi are under slavery conditions.


Enslave one mothongo out of a million uone kitu itafanyika…that’s the mentality you Africans should have , si ATI if one of you gets raped and murdered you look the other way… acha kuwa na akili ya wildebeast pale maasai mara

We don’t have the power to do shit about it, We are a corrupt and fcuked up 3rd world African shithole e.g there 1000s of Britons in saudi, they don’t get mistreated because there would be serious consequences


This statement alone identifies you as an idiot with the worst form of retrogressive nyeuthi mentality.

Did you expect them to go work and then come give you some of their earnings ?

Handout mentality kama voters wa ocha

Who is your mother ?


Exactly. They take the risks, they reap the rewards alone. Therefore, they shouldn’t bitch about their problems if their risks don’t pan out.

I don’t expect anything from them. Therefore, I don’t expect to hear about their problems. They knew the risks, and accepted them before leaving the country.

Hii victim mentality from losers like you ndio wako nayo. Bitching on TV all the time serikali saidia. Guess what…nobody gives a fk about your suffering if the unreasonable risks you take come back to bite you. Whiners like you who take dumb risks and then whine on TV never succeed in life. Gladly, the world is a meritocracy and it punishes them for their stupidity.

If you decide to take risks and accept them, don’t bitch and whine on TV if the gambles don’t go in your favor.

Kunaketi ni kama @Azor Ahai ni @LuandaMagere
ujinga yako inaonekana on both handles

Am done arguing with an idiot

Bye bye


Idiot is your nyanye. Take stupid risks and expect sympathy when you whine on TV?? Keep bitching about your problems and see how far that takes you. The world has a way of punishing people who take stupid risks like those who go to Saudi Arabia after watching all those videos dating back over a decade.