Life Force Of Men

I stumbled upon this informative video. I thought I’d share with MEN who are just not feeling 110% in life. The world we live in has deceived us to deplete this life force we have within us into a ragged towel or tissue. I’m personally on this journey and it has been very interesting to see the discipline I can muster and productivity is rising. Of course this does not mean you don’t ejaculate at all, in fact if you find a woman you want to share your LIFE FORCE with go right ahead. The issue comes when we indulge in a solo performance that leaves us tired, groggy and weak.

It takes a lot of commitment and discipline but in the end its necessary to become the true man you are meant to be. Here are a few individuals who have gone through this journey throughout history:

edit: this one stood out to me the most
Steve Jobs Founder of Apple

“Our birth control method up to that point was Steve’s coitus interruptus, also called the pull-out method, which for him was about his conserving his energy for work,’ she wrote. He explained that he didn’t want to climax so he could build 'power and wealth by conserving one’s vital energies.”

(Former girlfriend Chrisann Brennan’s book quoted in UK Daily Mail Newspaper: )

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