Life at Nyumba ya Wazee- CoachP toa Maoni

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I think a routine would do for him. Due to his condition, he really can’t engage in any business. I feel spending a day with his agemates, some with the same condition, and telling endless hekayas endless times, would be the best option for him. A nurse would bore him to death, while also getting bored to death. And as someone has pointed out, if the nurse is a paedophile, he may mug him.

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Anko, thanks. I’ve just come back into cyberspace to find that am being accused of being emotional, YET THE POSTER OF THIS THREAD SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR MY OPINION WHICH I GAVE HER/HIM.

Yet, I’ll say it again and again and again - paying somebody OUT THERE to take care of your old/disabled folks is just selfish and mean. Unless they require specialised medical care and need to stay in a hospital setting, it means you want to free your time for ‘normal’ things. Going out. Traveling. Etc.

Just how often do you see on Youtube about abuses at those old people’s homes?

Like it or not, we are Africans. Growing up, I remember there was this old, old mzee who the entire village took turns at caring for. Today Mama Nani takes him food, the following day Cucu Nani. We kids would raid his small kashamba for plums and pears (Kijabe!), but also help him graze his sheep. He died happy!

What am I saying? If you have 30k to spare, and your family was not snobbish and rude to other people, THE ENTIRE VILLAGE WILL HELP YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR OLD FOLKS. Akipotea takuwa anarudishwa hapo na mwanakijiji. In any case thats more than enough money to employ two dedicated caregivers for 24-hr attention.

To just uproot a man/woman from all he’s known and loved - his chair, the smells of his home, the sounds, is just cruel and selfish.

Thats my stand, emotional, African, retarded or whatever.


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@FieldMarshal CouchP you have a point but the thing about abuses on old people in homes is just out of the picture… Why??? Because even house managers mistreat children of their employers but does that mean we desist from employing maids??? Absolutely not… Policemen take do all kinds of evil including extra judicial killings does that mean we scrap the police force??? Absolutely not!!

@aviator the thing with old people is that they are very tricky and each situation is unique and has its own challenges… We visited the home for the aged in k-south this year so I have a perspective regarding such… You see in a home the mzees have their age-mates around so boredom reduces as opposed to having him at your place… They’re taken good care of; they eat together, worship together, share their Hekayas and in some instances they DF their mates of the other gender (an advantage since it adds to their days on earth).

Then there is the joy that comes with being in a home; Visitors… They love visitors… Your grandpa can be entertained by children and students who come to visit on the regular especially if it’s well-known home…

On the other hand what does he think about?? Does he want to go???

What I got from those guys is that the only thing worse about being in a home as an old man is that your family members forget about them, if you can visit regularly then this will nit be an issue…

You can also try the two; have him at your home for say like 3 months then the other 9 months he stays at the home of course if it is acceptable.

What are you planning to tell his friends /agemates /neighbours when they ask of his whereabouts?

The truth.

I agree.
If u take him away, u will deny him the comfort of things he has worked hard for: his home, kids, environment and neighbours and the church.

My aunt took my grandmother to states to live with her and after a few months she demanded to be brought back. Reasons: she wants to see her cows and be visiting her coffee plantation. When she came back she had back pains for sitting on the couch whole day.

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There’s a reason for that: memory and how it is formed. There’s short term memory where we store non-important tasks and long-term memory where wd store really important stuff like our family members, route to home, etc etc.

Old people do not have/form much of short term memory hence their constant forgetfulness when they see or meet new things or people. Your grandma, by virtue of having lived at her homestead for all her years, already ‘knows’ (by memory) the path to take to the farm, to her neighbors, to the loo/bathroom (if your shags is like mine where these are outside the main house), to her granary, etc etc. in short she doesn’t have to form any new memory to know these. Lakini ukimleta in a new environment shida zinaanza. She has to develop new memory even to learn the layout of the house; saa zingine anataka kwenda choo anajipata kitchen…it’s simply humiliating and more than her elderly brain can stomach. Add to that the loneliness by virtue of being taken away from her friends and age mates and a familiar environment (hizo winter za kina @KiLo sio mchezo) and she’ll definitely demand to be back to her familiar environment.

hire someone

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lol can you please tell these people that the best thing they can do for their aged and medically challenged parents is to put their mental and physical medical needs first instead of attending to their own egos and misguided african morals?

I think a nyumba ya wazee is a better idea and it will catch up with time as more people will opt for this. The way we neglect our old parents back at home you would think they live in a funeral home. No life at all. It gets worse when they are faced with medical problems especially of the mind like dementia. But home is best when there are people (family) to take care of them. An employed person will soon get bored and start neglecting mzee. At least in an old peoples home the employees are busy as they deal with many old people thus their job is challenging enough for them to stay focussed. At home you will think the employed ‘nurse’ is looking after your mzee but kumbe they are busy dry frying or being dryfried by the neighbours herds man in the nappier grass. Mzee kwa nyumba anajikunia tu na kucheza na kiberiti peke yake