Life at Nyumba ya Wazee- CoachP toa Maoni

Busherian!!! Tuko wengi

naskia its good wakikaa pamoja. what i know is that they dry fry each other very bad paka izi kusahau cases zapungua. TRUE STORY.

Maheni na hatutaki mbicha.

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double ouch!

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Not bad at their age. No fear of pregnancies or STDs, plus it really ain’t cheating especially for the widowed.

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Must be depressing being surrounded by dying fellows in a home. Yaani almost every month a so called agemate ‘buddy’ dies . I think Its just a polite way of telling your dad fuck off from us the living and go and dwell among your kind the dying . Also, who told you old people don’t enjoy younger especially kids company? They connect well with kids because i believe when you grow old, you are more like a child. That is more like a school or old peoples jail. I know you would find it absurd if you hear kibaki or moi is in an old people’s home well he’s no different than your dad.

But nonetheless, circumstances vary from person to person and what Condition they are in. My grandpa died with his memory intact. He even threw a party for all his children months before he passed

Its a tough topic @aviator, but the decision you take should be in you father’s best interest. From what I have read
at as if he is suffering from a mental illness. This first warrants for some kind of treatment. So I believe an institution with specialists in his condition is and will be the best option for him under the circumstances. Whether its a hospital, or an institution for the aged, that’s for your family to decide.
I you leave him unattended at home in his state, he will become a danger to himself and probably to others near him.

With his condition, my dad wouldn’t look at it that way. He lives for the moment- no attached memories beyond 1980. And he knows no one including his children.

The issue of kids’ company- well, he ain’t getting any even at home except on the rare occasion when we visit with the kids. At a place like Kasarani, I can manage to avail my kids every weekend - something I cant manage in the current setup.

Sometimes I. look at his situation and feel it’s good gor hom, yaani he’s unaware of the evils happening at home and in the society. Plus he doesnt suffer any pains or lack of sleep. Indeed, he sleeps from 10pm to 8am, plus a nap after lunch. Na anakula vizuri. Shida ni hio dementia pekee.

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Well, his condition is dementia. We tried all hospitals including India, but it proved irreversible, and we were counseled to learn to live with it. We don’t consider him sick, just aged.

The issue is dementia… I feel a full time nurse would be best. Case in point, my neighbor…very forgetful but the male nurse follows him wherever he goes…he takes trips to the CBD,Mara banking. He leads a normal life difference being big brother is watching as opposed to home where there’s a routine which he may not fit in…hope you make the right decision!!

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Boys @ Alliance refer to Alliance Girls as Across. The “boys” in Alliance girls refer to Alliance as across

Duly noted all the best then and I think at FP has given you a sound advice.
Lakini umefanya nicheke kidogo when you said:

Am sorry man…but the way you put it has made me laugh kidogo:D:cool:

follows him?? :eek::eek::eek::eek:what if the nurse is (peodophile) and unthinkable happens…like mug him.

pellets :smiley:

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um wut? a pedophile who is into old people? That sounds like a giraffe that is into pork ribs and chocolate instead of … I dunno … acacia?



Kiingereza kimempiga chenga.

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:D:D:D:D:Dthis is earth remember. As some are attracted to kids, others are hooked to old kids. haven’t you heard of 80yr old granny rapes? (that’s a hekaya for another day.) and btw what another name for a person who is sexually attracted to (old people);- pedophile?